Club Rules

1. All gymnasts must re-register with Renmore Gymnastics club each September to maintain their space within a class, they must register under either a competitive or recreational status, this will be clarified by their coach.

2. Places can not be held for gymnasts who fail to attend regular classes therefore please inform a coach immediately should your child no longer wish to attend as there is a large waiting list.

3. Any members on medication or suffering from a medical condition/learning difficulty must inform their coach(es) on joining the class.

4. In the interest of safety members are strictly prohibited from using equipment within Galway Gymnastics Training Centre, other than for gymnasts during their designated class time.

5. Please ensure all children have gone to the toilet prior to class time as toilet breaks are extremely disruptive, this is especially important during the 1hour recreational classes.

6. No parents to remain inside the gym during class time unless specifically asked by a coach on duty. It has been proven that a much better response from children is possible when a parent is not present.

7. Gymnasts should not enter the hall prior to their class commencement, this is imperative for the successful running of all classes as it leads to disruption to the class in progress. In addition Renmore Gymnastics Club can not be held responsible for gymnasts waiting outside of the hall, outside of their own designated class time.

8. No gymnasts to leave the centre before a parent has arrived for collection. Children finishing a class may wait quietly inside the hall until a parent has arrived.

9. Gymnasts must seek permission before leaving the hall/centre.

10. All members are expected to show respect and courtesy towards their coaches and fellow gymnasts. Bad behaviour will result in parents being contacted and further discussion of the issue.

11. Members are asked to support fundraising events organised by RGC as they run solely for the benefit of the club, its future development plan and its members.

12. Coaches are not available for discussion with parents during class time, it is too disruptive. Please find time to talk with a coach if necessary outside of designated class time.

13. There will be an opportunity for refreshment (drink) immediately after the warm up has been completed. Whilst it is not compulsory please ensure your child brings a drink should they need one. We recommend gymnasts bring water, fizzy drinks are not permitted. Chewing gum, lollipops and sweets etc are also not allowed inside the hall.

14. All children attending classes are asked to help tidy the gym at the end of EACH CLASS, this is expected from the children and is included as part of their gymnastics training, failure to do so may affect their attendance.

15. Please ensure your child attends in appropriate attire. Jeans or skirts ARE NOT suitable for gymnastics. Shorts, t-shirts, tracksuits and training leotards are suitable for recreational classes. The following websites offer suitable leotards for training- / /

16. Gymnasts training at competition level need to attain clubs competition attire. Competition leotards cost €80 and can be ordered during by email – or through making arrangements with a senior coach. Gymnasts are asked to save competition uniform solely for competition, this is necessary to maintain its smart appearance and to preserve its delicate fabric. Please notify coach if you request to change your leotard size as there is an exchange plan set up to facilitate a recycling system. This will be available when leotards are no longer of a suitable size and only possible if all leotards maintain their original level of highest quality, leotards that are not ‘as new’ will unfortunately not be exchanged.

17. Hair should be neatly tied back for both classes and competitions.

18. RGC operates with a waiting list.

Rules regarding fees-
19. All members must re-enroll annually in September. Fees for membership, affiliation and insurance are variable depending on the status of your membership.
Tumble Tots = €10
Recreational members = €20
Competition Squad = €25

20. Please ensure term fees (training fees) are paid promptly at the start of each new 8 or 10 week term. Payment options include submitting exact payment in a sealed envelope to the coach, paying online with paypal, or sending cheque by post to:

Renmore Gymnastics
5 Woodlands Avenue

RGC runs on a strict no fees no train policy so failure to pay fees on time will affect your child’s participation in classes. Gymnasts with outstanding fees will be asked to spectate classes until the balance has been cleared.

See full details about RGC Fee structure.

21. Any classes organised for extra competition training that run outside of term dates will be charged separately and should be paid on the day of training. Failure to attend extra competition training may affect a gymnasts participation in the event.

22. Competition Participation fees- Fees for competitions are variable depending on the discipline and the nature of the event. The following breakdown is to clarify competition participation fees. Fees should be paid to a coach in advance of the event in an envelope with the name of the participant clearly printed on the front. Please do not bring fees on the day of the competition it’s confusing, disruptive and difficult to orgnanise. (Exceptions to this rule is when its has been specified that a RGC committee member will be collecting on the day.)

All Region competitions = €10
National Womens ‘Teams/apparatus levels 1-6’ = €15
National Womens ‘All round levels 1-10 individuals’ = €15
National Womens ‘Apparatus levels 7-10’ = €20
National Womens Intermediate Teams = €20
All National Mens/Womens Tumbling Finals = €20
National Mens levels 1-5 = €20
National ACRO Finals = €20
(Discounts for siblings are at national level only and go as follows – 2nd sibling pays 50% of fee).

Thank you for your co-operation and support.


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