New Term Spaces Available

Having recently started our new September term, we now have some gymnastics class spaces available for new members to join RGC! 

Some things to note: we are only running classes in Ballybrit for the time being and have expanded our premises here to maintain a fully socially distanced environment. All our recreational beginner classes are located in a new building on the racecourse grounds. 

Class enrollments will be processed on a first come first served basis. Before requesting a class please check out our MEMBERS page on our website for all Covid 19 policy changes and updates including the addendum to the our Codes of Conduct, Operational Policies, and a video walk through of what to expect at the new venue.

Our Class Timetables ( have all class times, dates, and fees information.

FAQ 1: “Does it matter if my child joins when the term has already started?”
Answer: No, it won’t impact your child’s progress. Each gymnast learns at a different pace, so although your child may have missed the first few classes they will still learn all the basic skills and pre-requisites for higher class levels over time. 

How to Request a Space:

You will first need to create an account on the PARENT PORTAL, and add your child as a Student on the account. Once done, you can click on classes, and can use the filters or scroll through the list to find your desired class(es). 

If it says OPEN – you can request a space in the class (Click Submit a Request), and these will be reviewed by staff. If your request is approved please make payment within 48 hours to hold the space and attend the next scheduled training session. For the time being you will need to complete a self-screening form prior to training to ensure all members are in good health. Any unpaid spaces will be released to the next request 48 hours after the confirmation email is sent (not 48 hours from when your request is received).

If it says FULL/CLOSED – you can request to join the waiting list for that specific class option. These waiting lists will continue to offer spaces as they become available throughout the term. You will receive an email to confirm if your child has been added to a waiting list. 

You can request as many options as you wish but note once you accept a space you will be dropped from any additional requests.

NOTE: You will receive two emails:

1 – an automated response to confirm your request was submitted (like online shopping)

2- a response to your request

FAQ 2: “My child has already done gymnastics, but the only class options I can see are Beginner Gym. Can I enroll them in a higher class?” 

Answer: All new members with RGC will first join a Beginner Gym class. This will allow us to assess their ability, so we can determine which of our classes they are best suited to. They may join the Beginner Gym class for only one class, or it may take a few sessions to determine the correct level to offer, however if a gymnast is too advanced for a group rest assured we will seek to relocate them to a more appropriate group. If your child was a competitive gymnast training multiple hours a week, you can email with details of their previous competition level and the number of hours they were training per week (and their discipline) and we can review.

There are some very important details for all members to be aware of prior to coming to training: 



– Self Screening Forms

– Family Code of Conduct – Covid Addendum

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