Club Rules

1 All prospective members must have an online account created through our Parent Portal with an E-mail and a phone number.

2 All members are required to confirm their wish to keep their place prior to each new season (September onwards). Details are clarified by the club admin staff or a competitive gymnast’s coach during the summer time.

3 It is mandatory that all members agree to the club’s Terms and Conditions and the Mandatory Membership Agreement online in the member’s online club account before training may begin. By agreeing to the terms, all members acknowledge that they have read and understand these Club Rules, Club Policies and Codes of Conduct.

4 Places cannot be held for gymnasts who fail to attend and/or pay fees. Please inform us by email at immediately should your child no longer wish to attend as there is a large waiting list. Detailed information regarding Fees, Discounts, Payment Terms and Options, Absenteeism, Credits, Refunds, Cancellations etc. can be found on our website.

5 All classes currently operate by invitation through our waiting list or an online request for a booking in a term based program such as Parent & Toddle, Teen Gym, Adult Gym.

6 We require that all new members consent to the sharing of their personal medical data for the purposes of delivery of their safe participation in gymnastics and administering medical assistance if required.

7 It is mandatory for all new members to inform and disclose any medical information (ie. Allergies, conditions, medication) which may impact on their heatlh, welfare or behaviour while participating in our activities (for example – epilepsy, asthma, special dietary requirements etc.).

8 Gymnasts showing any medical illness should be kept home from class / camp. Any child with severe cough or cold symptoms may not be allowed to attend.

9 We record attendance of gymnasts during each class. If your child(ren) will be late or absent, please contact the club as soon as possible.

10 In the interest of safety members are strictly prohibited from using equipment within Galway Gymnastics Training Centre or within our external venues (Sportsdome, Kinvara), other than for gymnasts during their designated class time.

11 Please ensure all children have gone to the toilet prior to class time as toilet breaks are extremely disruptive, this is especially important during the 1 hour recreational classes.

12 If access to the toilets and/or changing room at the facility are required by another family members please ensure a designated member of staff is present and aware. There mustn’t be any children present at the bathrooms.

13 No parents are permitted to remain inside the gym during class time unless specifically asked by a coach on duty.

14 Gymnasts will be invited in the gym no sooner than 5 minutes before their class. This is imperative for the successful running of all classes as our waiting space inside the gym and staff available to mind children are limited. Children arriving too early lead to disruption to the class in progress.

15 In addition Renmore Gymnastics Club cannot be held responsible for gymnasts waiting outside of the hall, outside of their own designated class time. It is therefore imperative that parent and/or guardians walk their children from the car to the lobby and wait until their gymnasts are invited inside the training hall by a member of staff.

16 No gymnast is to leave the centre before a parent has arrived for collection. Children finishing a class may wait quietly inside the hall until a parent has arrived.

17 Parents/guardians please avoid being late and collect your children at the time of the end of the class.

18 Gymnasts must seek permission before leaving the hall/centre. Please do not call your child’s attention towards the windows or hall as it may interfere in the safety or children working.

19 All members are expected to show respect and courtesy towards their coaches and fellow gymnasts. Bad behaviour will result in parents being contacted and further discussion of the issue.

All members are expected to:
19.1 Respect and comply with all Club Rules and Gymnast Code of Conduct.
19.2 Demonstrate honesty, caring, respect and inclusion for other gymnasts and staff of the club.
19.3 Respect differences in others, their ideas and opinions.
19.4 Show proper care for the natural world, club property and the property of others.
19.5 Take appropriate measures to help those in need and if necessary, seek staff assistance to resolve conflict peacefully.

20 Abuse of any type or form will not be tolerated. Verbal, emotional or physical abuse of members or staff will result in expulsion from the premises. For more details, please see the relevant Codes of Conduct.

21 Members are asked to support fundraising events organised by RGC as they run solely for the benefit of the club, its future development plan and its members.

22 Coaches are not available for discussion with parents during class time. Please find time to talk with a coach if necessary outside of designated class time by scheduling an appointment.

23 There will be opportunities for refreshment (drink) during the training sessions. Whilst it is not compulsory for recreational gymnasts training for short periods of time, we highly recommend your child brings a drink as most of the time they will ask for one and we do not have the facility to provide water.

Renmore Gymnastics Club makes every effort possible to be environmentally friendly and encourage healthy lifestyle – we would appreciate your cooperation with sending your child to training with refreshments, snacks and meals that are litter-less, nut free*, and nutritious. We do not permin fizzy drinks, chewing gums and any kind of candy. Please pack lunches and snacks in a container with a name tag and use re-usable water bottles.

Some members of the club have severe nut allergy and we therefore appreciate your understanding and helping us provide all our members with equal opportunity and prevention of allergic /medical reactions.

24 All members attending classes are asked to help tidy the gym at the end of EACH CLASS, this is expected from the members including children and is included as part of their gymnastics training, failure to do so may affect their attendance.

25 Please ensure your child is sent to their class in suitable attire for exercising. Where possible, avoid hooded tracksuits and strings. Jeans, dresses and tights are not suitable for participation in our camp. We recommend Track Suits, Leggings, Shorts, Leotard.
Children will be asked to take their socks off for safety reasons on certain skills and apparatus. Please let us know if your child’s foot needs to remain wrapped up due to infection.

26 Hair should be neatly tied back for both classes and competitions.

27 To ensure your child’s belongings are not misplaced or taken home accidentally by another gymnast, we suggest that all items are labelled clearly and permanently.
All items that are left at the end of each day will be moved to the “Lost and Found”. Items not collected within two weeks will be donated to a charity.

28 Gymnasts training at competition level need to attain club’s competition attire. Please contact our Club Administrator on for more information.

29 Any classes organised for extra competition training that run outside of regular training sessions will be charged separately and should be paid on the day of training. Failure to attend extra competition training may affect a gymnast’s participation in the event.

30 Competition Participation (entry) fees must be paid in advance of the registration deadline. Failure to do so will affect the gymnast’s ability to participate in the event.

31 We require that prospective members consent to our Photography Policy online in our Parent Portal before training may begin. If you do not; however, wish for you or your child to be photographed or videoed, please inform the Club Manager Monika on

The Photography Policy states that members consent to photographys or video images being taken of members during their involvement in RGC’s or Gymnastics Ireland’s activities, which may be used to promote the sport by the club or Gymnastics Ireland.

No photography and videoing of members by non-RGC personnel will be permitted without prior agreement from parents and participants. Spectators are NOT allowed to take photographs or videos of members while they are training. Please let a member of staff know if you see someone operating a camera without permission.

32 In the event of a first aid treatment being required, our first aid responder will provide basic first aid treatment on site immediately. If more advanced treatment is required, it is our policy to call parents or next of kin contact before calling for professional medical assistance or/and ambulance. If we are not able to make contact with a parent or next of kin contact within short period of time, we will call for professional medical assistance or/and ambulance immediately and based on our judgement.