Renmore Gymnastics Club. Innovative Club of the Year.

We are delighted to announce that RENMORE GYMNASTICS CLUB is the winner of the Innovative Club of the Year. 

The club will be receiving the award, on Saturday the 12th of November at the Gymnastics Ireland National Awards in the Radisson Blu Hotel on Golden Lane, Dublin.
In recognition of all things new and ‘brave’ that we do!!! We at RGC have long been vocal to say “Help us learn, lets get better, lets do what it takes for that to happen!”.
Over the last few years as part of our previous strategic development plan we have successfully funded and implemented a visiting coach programme to help educate our staff, to invest in the growth mindset, to ensure all involved in the club keep moving forward, coaches and gymnasts. In addition to the visiting coach programme on a technical front the club has put in funds, times and energy to support growth in a technical sense as well, including a number of different technical supports from video replay systems set up the gym to assist athletes and coaches in the training hall, to an online membership system for all active members that allows families to view everything from their fees, attendance, a calendar of events, to all historical purchases, training schedules and event information etc etc…
We are really thrilled to get this award!

Gymnast of the Year. Ellis O’Reilly

Ellis O’Reilly (Renmore Gymnastics Club), is the first Irish female gymnast to ever secure Olympic qualification, she competed at this year’s Olympic Games in Rio.


Ellis is going to receive the award, on Saturday the 12th of November at the Gymnastics Ireland National Awards in the Radisson Blu Hotel on Golden Lane, Dublin.
Ellis O’Reilly National Senior Champion


I am so honoured to have won this award. It means a lot after having such a tough year to be recognised for all my achievements and to have inspired so many gymnasts in Ireland. Thank you xx

Ellis O’Reilly

ellis-olympic-4  ellis-olympic-2

ellis-olympic-3          ellis-olympic

Gymnast Volunteers Needed

Gymnastics Ireland, our Governing Body, is running a coach education course in our training center on Saturday 5th and Sunday 6th of November.

They have asked if some of our gymnasts could volunteer to help with the course. Gymnasts are needed:

– Saturday afternoon

– Sunday all day

Any of our members aged 7+ are welcome to volunteer. Some of their coaches will also be attending the course and would love to have them there too!

If you are interested in getting involved please send us an email at:

With the Subject: Gymnast Volunteers


See you soon Fanny

Last Friday Renmore Gymnastics Club said good bye to Fanny. Always generous, with a big smile, helpful, …we will miss an incredible person and coach.





We wish you the best in your new career, and we will miss you very much.

Special Recognition Award for Sally Batley

We have the pleasure to announce, that Sally Batley is going to receive a Special Recognition Award on Saturday the 12th of November at the Gymnastics Ireland National Awards in the Radisson Blu Hotel on Golden Lane, Dublin.


She is being recognised for her huge contribution to the new national squad systems in their respective disciplines. Working in partnership with the Performance & Technical Manager of Irish Gymnastics, she has been responsible for restructuring and creating modern and progressive squad structures that will under pin the Gymnastics Ireland High Performance system for years to come.

Congratulations Sally!!!

“I’m delighted and honoured for my involvement with Gymnastics Ireland’s National squads and WAG developments recognised with this award. I’m involved with the sport of gymnastics in Ireland at a very exciting time, the country is striving forward in the direction of progress, achieving new results and working towards big future goals, I’m excited to be a part of that. Over the last 2 years to watch the standard improving nationally as a result of systems implemented at National Squads, that’s inspiring and rewarding.
I can’t think of a better time to be involved in the sport of gymnastics in Ireland and to be given a special recognition for doing something that I love, well thats even better!”

Great weekend of competitions

“Sometimes I win…. sometimes I learn… sometimes I’m lucky enough to do both!”

Some reflective thoughts from our head coach Sally Batley after a great weekend of competitions… this is almost a blog it’s so long be warned!

“I’m late to put up a post and give some feedback on our HP squad after what was a truly fantastic weekend of competitions. I had not forgotten but such things can not be rushed… also I’ve been struggling since Sunday with a bad head cold which may be the real reason!

So… a win for the Renmore Team on Saturday within the Irish Plus levels with a team total that created a gap between first and second place of almost 25.0 marks! I very much doubt we will see many days like that again, but we will enjoy those days when they happen! I commented at the time that you know it’s been a good day on bars when a score of 13.225 is not good enough to feature in your top 3!!! What a truly amazing achievement for all involved!

After great results, (similar to challenging times) we can be sentimental, even if just for just a moment… so I will indulge for a moment in some sentimentality. Those of you that know me, know that I’m a very straightforward person. In life I do not have too many responsibilities… my first is to myself and is to be the best human being that I can be in every way possible. My second responsibility is with my family and loved ones, like many parents the responsibility of raising a small baby who just happens to also have special needs, it has it challenges for sure, none that ever cast a shadow on the rewards I would add. Then lies my third, arguably my final… be the best coach I can, help develop happy healthy athletes that can go forward to fulfil their potential as gymnasts, and furthermore as human beings. This weekend was a time to admire the drive and determination of my gymnasts and also to witness their beautiful work.

It has not been a fast route towards competing progressively, it has taken years literally, and many many individuals have contributed. Last week Renmore Gymnastics was honoured to receive two awards, the first ‘Competitive club of the year’, the second ‘Innovative club of the year’. These results in my opinion go hand in hand, we have achieved competitive results by our use of innovation. Our recent successes are a direct result of implementing new methodology in our training, of being open enough to say we are learning, we do not know everything.

Now as the gymnasts start to achieve foundation results within their High Performance pathway I am encountering for the first time a strange phenomenon… judges, coaches, sometimes strangers coming to shake my hand and congratulate us on doing a great job. Coaches asking how we have achieved these results, judges thanking us for the pleasure of watching the girls compete. Those of you that know me would also know that I do not take compliments very naturally either… normally I would make some excuse for how it’s not as it seems and then change the subject. Well this weekend I fought these natural impulses and I just smiled and thanked those that approached me for their complimentary words, as strange as it felt. RGC is a fierce team, we work hard together, learn together, grow together towards a shared goal, and we still have a long way to go believe me but it’s about enjoying the journey and knowing that if we enjoy the journey we just might make it to the destination if we all keep dreaming together.

Saturday’s successes were very exciting, we were proud watching you girls, and only momentarily was our focus thrown when our fellow MAG gymnast Oisin Shimizu was taken from the arena by ambulance staff for a very serious break to his forearm. (He’s recovering well from surgery thank you everyone for your thoughts and concerns) He stunned all around him with his level of bravery. Needless to say the girls (including his sister) held their heads and retained the title from 2015. After the highs of Saturday came the continuity of Sunday and the apparatus events. Unfortunately as the entry numbers were low at the higher levels we adapted our approach which presented an opportunity for “…sometimes I learn…” New elements were competed for the first time, taking if necessary deductions for extra matting or coaching assistance. Never waste a competition opportunity, within the constraints of your periodisation plan take these opportunities when they arise to include adversity in your favour, an innovative approach perhaps.

The girls once again competed very well, some errors on beam that we are keen to improve on however they showed proudly what their hard work has achieved. My highlights from the weekend include… Kate’s yurchenko, and also her new floor routine, it’s awesome… Jane’s handstand line progress on bars… and also for competing her yurchenko for the first time… Great bars from Aisling on Saturday, a touch of the jelly legs on Sunday at the end a very solid routine!! Emma put out her double tuck AND double twist on floor for the first time, that will see her more confident next year when she turns junior, and once again she competed beam with great confidence and execution! Caoimhe swinging bars confidently with a dismount in the rafters… also great job on the new floor too Caoimhe! Emer proving herself once again to be consistent, dependable, a solid team mate with an energy that only Emer can bring! And of course the beauty that is Miriam, a gymnast only capable of stunning work, to have judges relaying comments about her range and conditioning routine as “flawless” and “perfection” with a style and finesse that they had not seen before… feedback like this from judges is every coaches aspiration. Thank you girls you’re awesome!

So there it it.. my round up of a great weekend. Here’s a few pictures of the gymnasts who have topped off what was already a great year with one final victory.

Now let’s get back to work eh… we’ve a lot to do!



Well done to all our boys who competed on Saturday 15th October. You all did a fantastic job, and brought us home 10 medals! Oisin is recovering well from the break he sustained during competition, and we’re wishing him all the best.

Well done to; Tom, Oran, Paddy, Daniel, Eugene, Galius, Nicholas, Ronan and Oisin!

RENMORE GYMNASTICS CLUB winner of the Competitive Club of the Year

We have the pleasure to announce that RENMORE GYMNASTICS CLUB is the winner of the Competitive Club of the Year. 

The club will be receiving the award, on Saturday the 12th of November at the Gymnastics Ireland National Awards in the Radisson Blu Hotel on Golden Lane, Dublin.gymnastics-ireland-awards
This is a very exciting award to receive and one we are humbled to take on. It’s not been a quick road to success by any means, as all coaches and athletes know steps forward are slow but if you remain focused on the goal, you just keep taking them slowly and surely!
In the last 2 years the club has competed from strength to strength both Nationally and overseas. With a strong presence amongst those selected Internationally, on occasion Renmore gymnasts have accounted for more than 50% of the Irish delegation, something that was only a dream many moons ago!
On a national level just last weekend Renmore gymnasts retained the 2016 Irish Plus Teams title, this year increasingly the gap between 1st and 2nd place from almost 10 marks in 2015 to almost 25 points this year. We are so very proud of our athletes and their coaches, and their achievements. 2016 has certainly been our biggest year from a competitive results taking the National FIG Teams title for the first time in the history of the club, and ending a 15 year rein from Salto Gymnastics Club, which is some impressive achievement for them as well.
We are delighted to receive this award!
Irish Plus Teams – National Champions
FIG National Team Champions-2016
FIG National Team Champions – 2016

 Emma Slevin – National Minors Champion           Ellis O’Reilly – National Senior Champion