Club Competition 2016

The Club Competition will be run as a larger new event this year in place of GYMFEST. There will be 3 competitions arenas running at the same time during 2 sessions throughout the day. Gymnasts will be assigned a session to compete their routines. Spectators can purchase open tickets which will allow you to come and go throughout the course of the day. It is shaping up to be a superbly spectacular day!

Session allocations and competition details have now been sent to all registered members. Please check your emails to ensure you know which session to attend.

WHO: Current members enrolled in our Recreational Classes (Senior Infants and Older) and/or Discipline Specific Squads (see emails from coaches).

WHEN: 5th of June (Sunday)

WHERE: NUIG Kingfisher

ENTRY DEADLINE27th of May 2016





Q1. What age groups are eligible?

A1. The recreational competition is open to current members enrolled in Senior Infants classes and older. Seniors and 1st Class members will be enrolled in a participation based event.


Q2. What is the participation only event?

A2. There is a “friendly” participation based competition for Senior Infants and 1st Class children. This means they will compete their routines the same as all other members but there will be a participation ceremony instead of a medals ceremony.


Q3. My child is in 1st class do they need to do the participation event or can they participate in the general competition?

A3. Children are being assessed on their routines during classes over the next few weeks. If the coaches feel they should participate in a higher level we will contact you by email to ensure this is ok first.


Q4. How do the competition levels impact their training groups?

A4. The coaches decide the level that best suits the child’s ability and preparedness. There is no need to change groups in order to train for the competition. If ever we require a group change we will send an email to offer suggestions prior to any decision being made.


Q5. How much does it cost to enter in multiple disciplines?

A5. The first discipline costs €15.  Each additional discipline costs €5.


Q6. How can I register?

A6. To register please send us an email with the subject: Registration for Club Competition. Please include the gymnasts name and current training group in your message so we can ensure they are registered in the correct group.

Their current training group is the day and time they attend – i.e. Weds Seniors 3-4pm or Fri Rec 1-2 5-630pm.


Q7. Do I need to buy a leotard to enter the competition?

A7. No. A leotard is not required but if you wish to purchase one please send an email to Carol at to organize a time to come in and view current stock.


Q8. How can I pay for the competition?

A8. You can pay online or drop an envelope into the gym.


Q9. Is the competition mandatory?

A9. No. The competition is an option event. It is also a great opportunity for gymnasts who want the challenge of performing routines in front of an audience and gives them a greater understanding of what participating in a gymnastics competition is like.


Q10. What time will the competition happen?

A10. Between 8:30am and 6:00pm. You will be assigned a specific time slot once we have processed all registration requests.


As per club policy term fee payments must be up to date or agreed with Carol in advance before registration can be confirmed.

Please contact us at if you have any queries in relation to fees.


We are looking for volunteers to help with transport, raffle prizes and with small jobs on the day. Please send us an email with the subject VOLUNTEERING for RGC CLUB COMP and let us know if you are available to help!


Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you if you have already put your name forward!