Club Competition 2017


We hope you all enjoyed our club competition this year and especially hope all our gymnasts had fun and enjoyed the day. Well done to them all they did brilliant. We would like to thank you all for your support of the event – entering your children and buying spectator tickets. Many thanks for your support on the day also with admissions, our Raffle, Goodie stand and much more. It was a great success.

We could not have undertaken to run the event without so many parents getting behind us and helping out in so many ways – to Paul Fitzgerald for the use of a huge truck, Dave Duffy for his van, to DXC Technology for all the printing, to the ladies and gymnasts who helped out on the door, the merchandise stands etc on the day. To all of you who baked such lovely buns and cakes and those of you who donated so many great raffle prizes. To all who helped move equipment from the gym and back again – a hard task, to the Rowing club lads and ladies without who we would not have managed the move, to Alma for your back up behind the scenes. to Jacinta who sorted us with vouchers for pizzas in Supermacs, to Terry the taxi man! To Brian for your work all day on the sound system. To the civil defense team who sat there all day and made sure all our first aid problems were sorted quickly.

To Markus Voetter of MC Photo who captured the event in his beautiful and professional photos. Visit an online photo gallery to view and purchase photos.

To our wonderful coaches who gave up the day to ensure it all ran smoothly and looked after all the gymnasts so well.

This really was a team effort and we really appreciate the help we got from you all. Many thanks and have a great summer.

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Whether you are yet to experience competition atmosphere or buzz surrounding it, see your gymnast in action and watch their fabulous displays and impressive skills or just simply have a day out, we have planned this day to ensure it is suited for all family members and packed with entertainment. Our Annual Club competition is currently our club’s biggest fundraiser and raised funds will go toward upgrading our gymnastics facility and equipment.

We encourage your gymnasts to join us and enter the competition. They will automatically be in for a chance to win a medal but more importantly it will enable them to showcase their skills and have a great day out alongside their peers and friends at the same time.

The purpose of the competition is to run an event where all disciplines training in the club can come together. The day is a celebration of each individual athlete’s achievements over the past year.

While everyone is very welcome and encouraged to come and watch, the following groups are invited to enter the competition:

  • All RECREATIONAL groups excluding Parent & Toddler, Tumble Tots* & Adult Gym.
  • WAG –  Intermediate, Regional 1-4, National 1 & 2, HP Start
  • All MAG
  • All RHY
  • All ACRO

It is shaping up to be a superbly spectacular day!

WHEN: Sunday 25th of June 2017

WHERE: Kingfisher NUI Galway


LATE ENTRY DEADLINE & COST: 14th June 2017, €20

SPECTATOR TICKETS: €5 per person (Children under 3 go FREE)

Groups that aren’t mentioned above will be contacted by their coaches regarding a display. Other gymnasts already competing may also be asked to do a display.

*Tumble Tots are having their pre-school display on Sunday 11th of June.


Q1. What age groups are eligible?

A1. The recreational competition is open to current members enrolled in Senior Infants classes and older. Seniors and 1st Class members will be enrolled in a participation based event.

Q2. What is the participation only event?

A2. There is a “friendly” participation based competition for Senior Infants and 1st Class children. This means they will compete their routines the same as all other members but there will be a participation ceremony instead of a medals ceremony.

Q3. My child is in 1st class do they need to do the participation event or can they participate in the general competition?

A3. Children are currently being assessed on their routines during classes. If the coaches feel they should participate in a higher level we will contact you by email to ensure this is ok first.

Q4. How do the competition levels impact their training groups?

A4. The coaches decide the level that best suits the child’s ability and preparedness. There is no need to change groups in order to train for the competition. If ever we require a group change we will send an email to offer suggestions prior to any decision being made.

Q5. How much does it cost to enter in multiple disciplines?

A5. The first discipline costs €15.  Each additional discipline costs €5.

Q6. How can I register and make a payment?

A6. To register for a competition and/or purchase a spectator ticket, please bring the relevant entry/spectator fee to our reception during reception opening hours. Alternatively, transfer funds directly to our bank account or request a charge be placed on your club account for paying online. Please note that we aren’t able to register any entries without an upfront payment. If paying online, we can only register and confirm entry upon receipt of payment. If you are transferring funds to us, please ensure to also email us at the time of payment confirming entered gymnast(s) and/or number of requested spectator tickets and attach screenshot of payment confirmation.

Q7. Do I need to buy a leotard to enter the competition?

A7. No. A leotard is not required but if you wish to purchase one please send an email to Carol at to organize a time to come in and view current stock.



Q9. Is the competition mandatory?

A9. No. The competition is an option event. It is also a great opportunity for gymnasts who want the challenge of performing routines in front of an audience and gives them a greater understanding of what participating in a gymnastics competition is like.

Q10. What time will the competition happen?

A10. Between 8:30am and 6:00pm. You will be assigned a specific time slot once we have processed all registration requests.

As per club policy term fee payments must be up to date or agreed with Carol in advance before registration can be confirmed.

Please contact us at if you have any queries in relation to fees.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you if you have already put your name forward!