Club Competition 2018

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Whether you have yet to experience the competition atmosphere and the buzz surrounding it, see your gymnast in action and watch their fabulous displays and impressive skills or have seen it all before and are just simply looking forward to a day out, we have planned this day to ensure it is suited for all family members and packed full of entertainment. Our Annual Club Competition is currently our club’s biggest fundraiser and raised funds go toward upgrading our gymnastics facility and equipment.

We encourage your gymnasts to join us and enter the competition. They will automatically be in for a chance to win a medal but more importantly it will enable them to showcase their skills and have a great day out alongside their peers and friends at the same time.

The purpose of the competition is to run an event where all disciplines training in the club can come together. The day is a celebration of each individual athlete’s achievements over the past year.

While everyone is very welcome and encouraged to come and watch, the following groups are invited to enter the competition:

  • All RECREATIONAL (Levels 1-6 & Intermediate), ENTRY & KINDER groups aged 5+
  • WAG –  Intermediate, Development, National 1 & 2, HP Start Squad
  • All Men’s Artistic Gymnasts (MAG) – Intermediate 1, 2, 3, Development & National
  • All Rhythmic Gymnasts (RHY) – Intermediate 2, Development & National
  • All Acrobats – Intermediate 2
  • Teen Gym
  • Target Squad

Groups invited to watch and cheer all competitors:

  • Kinders aged 4 and under*
  • Parents & Toddlers
  • Adult Gymnasts

*Kinders aged 4 & under will soon be invited to participate in their own display in our gym on Saturday 23rd June 2018.

WAG National 3 and High Performance gymnasts will be contacted by their coaches regarding a display. Other gymnasts already competing may also be asked to do a display.

It is shaping up to be a superbly spectacular day!

WHEN: Sunday 3rd of June 2018

WHERE: Kingfisher NUI Galway

EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT: From Monday 16th April until Monday 23rd April inclusive, €15 (€5 discount included)

REGULAR ENTRY DEADLINE & COST: From Tuesday 24th April until Monday May 14th inclusive, €20

LATE ENTRY DEADLINE & COST: From Tuesday May 15th until Monday May 21st inclusive, €25

SPECTATOR TICKETS: €5 per person (Children 3 and under go FREE)
*Spectator tickets can be purchased at reception or on the day at the venue. Alternatively, please request a charge to be placed on your member account to make an online payment, we will then prepare your tickets for collection.

For information on how to register for the competition, please see F.A.Q.s under Terms & Conditions.


– Registration is done exclusively via payment of a competition entry fee now placed on each eligible member’s account.
– Early Bird discount of 5 Euro will automatically disappear after Monday 23rd April bringing the entry fee to regular rate of 20 Euro.
– Verbal confirmation of gymnast’s participation to any member of staff cannot unfortunately be recorded, please make a payment of the entry fee to enter the competition.
– Written notice to the club confirming child’s participation but without a payment of the entry fee isn’t unfortunately recorded, please make a payment of the entry fee to enter the competition.
– A partial payment of an entry fee is not unfortunately considered a registration, gymnast is entered only upon receipt of a full payment of the entry fee.
– An unpaid entry fee after the primary deadline on May 14th is automatically credited and family notified. The child is not entered in the competition.
– Gymnasts registering late will be required to make a payment at the time of registration. This can be done personally at reception or over the phone, members can also instruct us to process payment using saved card details.
– Registration may be cancelled until Sunday 27th May and a credit note for entry fees paid will be provided.
– Cancellation of a booking after Sunday 27th May is noted however no credit/refund of entry fees paid is available.


Q1. What age groups are eligible?

A1. Gymnasts are entered based on their current training level. All gymnasts must be 5 years old and over to enter.

Q2. Is there a participation only event?

A2. This year we ran a separate participation only event called GymStars. Gymnasts currently enrolled in our Kinder Stream aged 5+ will be doing a display event but all other levels are performing a set competition routine.

Q3. What is the difference between an All Around or Apparatus Event?

A3. In gymnastics different disciplines train with different apparatus. An All Around event means that all routines scored on each apparatus are combined for a total score. An Apparatus event refers to a single piece of equipment.

Q4. How do we know what level to enter?

A4. The gymnasts are entered into their corresponding levels and subdivisions based on their current training groups by staff once their entry is confirmed.

Q5. What does the competition entrance fee cover?

A5. All gymnasts are entered with a chance to win a medal. Not all gymnasts are guaranteed a medal, the top three in each category will receive a medal based on their score. All competitors’ efforts will be awarded by a certificate and those that have placed 4th, 5th etc. in their category will also receive an award such as a badge or a ribbon.

Q6. How can I register and make a payment?

All eligible members’ accounts will be charged an early bird competition entry fee of 15 Euro per participant on Monday 16th April, then credited if no payment is made by the early bird deadline and so on. For fees and deadlines, please scroll up.

We will not process payments for the entry charges unless you specifically request we do so to confirm competition entry. The charge will remain unpaid until you decide to pay it or let us know that you wish to have it deleted from the account.

If you wish to enter you gymnast, please login to your online account and make a payment of the entry fee, your payment constitutes your booking. We will delete the charge from your account if you let us know that you aren’t able to do the competition or if we do not hear from you at all by each entry deadline – MONDAY MAY 14TH. If you wish to enter late (after Monday May 14th), please contact us at, we will be able to enter your gymnast once a payment of 20 Euro entry fee has reached the club.

If you are transferring your payment to our bank account, please ensure to let us know that it is for the competition entry fee.

Q7. Do I need to buy a leotard to enter the competition?

A7. No. A leotard is not required but if you wish to purchase one please send an email to Carol at to organize a time to come in and view current stock.

Q8. Is the competition mandatory?

A8. No. The competition is an optional event. It is also a great opportunity for gymnasts who want the challenge of performing routines in front of an audience and gives them a greater understanding of what participating in a gymnastics competition is like.

Q9. What time will the competition happen?

A9. Between 8:30am and 6:00pm. You will be assigned a specific time slot once we have processed all registration requests.

Q10. What is involved in the Kinder Event?

A10. For the Kinder (Beginner/Learner/Master) gymnasts we understand that this is their first big event. Therefore we have made it a participation only event where gymnasts will perform alongside other Kinder Group Members a simplified floor routines. Coaches will be on hand to assist them with remembering and all gymnasts will receive a certificate and participation award for entering. For members entering Senior Infants next year this will give them the opportunity to mix with some of the older gymnasts they will be joining in training groups from Sept 2018.

As per club policy term fee payments must be up to date or agreed with Carol in advance before registration can be confirmed.

Please contact us at if you have any queries in relation to fees.


Any assistance is greatly appreciated. Thank you if you have already put your name forward!