Club Wear & Gym Equipment

Recreational Gymnastics: What to wear

For recreational gymnastics classes, we recommend that gymnasts wear clothes they are comfortable in and can move about in easily enough. We generally advise to wear leggings / tracksuit bottoms / shorts, and a t-shirt or top, and we just ask that members avoid wearing anything with strings / belts / zips. Gymnasts can wear a leotard if they’d like, but they do not have to.

Training Leotards

Intermediate and Advanced gymnasts should wear leotards to training where possible. Training leotards can be purchased from a variety of websites, including:

Club Merchandise

Club merchandise can be bought from Reception. Merchandise includes RGC hoodies, tshirts, shorts and bags. We also sell chalk and tape.

At the moment our stock of club merchandise is very limited. We will post on our website and our Facebook page when we have new merchandise in stock for purchase.

Gymnastics Equipment

We’re often asked by parents where they can buy gymnastics equipment for home use. There are lots of websites selling gymnastics equipment, including:

Mats and benches

IKEA gym mat

Gymnastics shoes: