The club volunteers listed below comprise our board of directors:

  • Richard Collins (Director, Chairperson, Secetary)
  • Paul Shaughnessy (Finance Director)
  • Ray Nash (Human Resources Director)
  • Anne Celine Donohoe (Communications Director)
  • Greg Muller (Sports Director)
  • Anita McGlynn (Director)
  • Aksana Chyzheuskaya (Director)

Anyone who would like to become actively involved at committee level, please speak with anyone on the board or contact our chairperson, Richard Collins on


  • Eoin O’Grady
  • Ann Blehein
  • Robert Fuller
  • John Molloy
  • Johnny Glynn
  • Sandra Heffernan
  • Brian McDonagh
  • Carol Hynes
  • Donagh McCabe
  • Anne Tynan
  • Yutaka Shimizu
  • Stephanie Collins
  • John McMahon