The club volunteers listed below comprise our board of directors:

  • Robert Fuller (Director, Chairperson)
  • John Molloy (Director)
  • Johnny Glynn (Sports Director)
  • Richard Collins (Director, Secetary)
  • Ann Blehein (Governance Director)
  • Paul Shaughnessy (Finance Director)
  • Eoin O’Grady (Communications Director)
  • Ray Nash (Human Resources Director)

Anyone who would like to become actively involved at committee level, please speak with anyone on the board or contact our chairperson, Rob Fuller on 0860507760 or


  • Sandra Heffernan
  • Brian McDonagh
  • Carol Hynes
  • Donagh McCabe
  • Anne Tynan
  • Yutaka Shimizu
  • Stephanie Collins
  • John McMahon