Dear Parent,

We are contacting you because you are on our waiting list and we care about you. We would also love to let you know that we have finalized our 2017-2018 schedule and have some remaining available spaces. We have also started beginner classes in a new venue that you might like to know about.

To confirm that you are still interested in classes in RGC and would like to be offered a space or remain active on our waiting list and in a good chance for a space offer, please take an action as per steps below and request specific classes now. If we do not receive any class enrollment requests from you, we will assume that you no longer wish to remain on our waiting list or aren’t interested in any classes.

We are currently also experiencing HIGH VOLUME of emails and queries and it is not possible for us to respond to everyone and replies are really delayed. Please reference information on this page and use our website ( to search for information. We kindly ask that you please do not text or email us to confirm your interest in our classes as this will only enlarge our already overfilled email INBOX and further slow down our ability to respond. Thank you very much for understanding, and cooperation and your patience.

We have moved to a different club management software and while we have your contact and waiting details saved, we realize that your availability might have already changed since we closed the previous system down during this summer. This new system does not enable setting availability but instead parents can request a specific class which is either approved by us or your request is changed to a WAITING status (waiting status).

While this may not lead to a guaranteed space in our program yet, it is an opportunity for parents to review our schedule and request a SPECIFIC class to match their current availability in our new system. We will be approving requests and allocating available spaces based on your current location on the waiting list and the length of time you have been waiting for.

Please read below information thoroughly before proceeding to creating an account and requesting a class enrollment.

The new training term has commenced during the week of Monday 4th of September 2017

We are pleased to let you know that we have some remaining spaces:


You will be able to request a class in one of our recreational programs via the parent portal. By clicking on the class below, you will be able to review specific program information, description, fees, dates etc.

CLICK ON ME – Parent & Toddler (Up to 4 years)

CLICK ON ME – Kinder Classes (3-5 years)

CLICK ON ME – Entry Classes (5-12 years)

CLICK ON ME – Teen Gym (13-18 years)

CLICK ON ME – Adult Classes (18+ years)

School years and ages are recommended guidelines only. When requesting a class please ensure it matches the age of your child on the day of request.

We are NOT currently taking any bookings by text or email. Please do not email us or text us to book you in a class but instead reference the instructional video and steps for requesting a class enrollment listed below first.

**We are no longer using the gnobeo system for any bookings. We have moved to a new online class management software iClassPro. You will need to create a brand new account and add students event though you have already done so in the past.**


We have implemented MONTHLY BILLING as of September 2017. For FEES POLICY, please visit our website on

As part of requesting a class, you will be required to save your debit/credit card details on file.

If your request for a class is approved and class enrollment confirmed, your monthly tuition along with membership fees (Annual Club Membership & Gymnastics Ireland Membership) will be charged automatically and immediately upon approval.

For every other month, we will process monthly tuition on the 1st of each month or the next week-day should the 1st fall on a weekend or Bank Holiday Monday.

By Saving your card details on your account, you authorize RGC to process tuition automatically. We will not process any other payments without prior approval by you.

If you decide not to save your card details at the time of requesting a space via the portal, your request will be incomplete and it will not reach us or appear anywhere in our system leading to no class enrollment.

While recurring term billing (via Autopay) is our preferred method for payment of tuition, should you wish to make your payment via a different method, it is important you come and request your class in person at the club prior to the term’s start or as soon as possible. Spaces on offer are limited and delay in requests will lead to smaller chance of space availability.

*Please note that the club will not book anyone in a class without either saved recurring billing details on account or advanced payment for a minimum of two months tuition and both memberships.*


It is important you complete all steps during class enrollment request process and reach the final page that displays  “Your registration has been successful”, meaning your request for enrollment has reached us and we are reviewing it. You will also receive same confirmation via E-mail. If you stop mid-way through, the request will not be recorded by the system.

Following are the steps to request a class enrollment. We have created the VIDEO demonstration to ensure you are able to request your class at ease.


2. Review class timetable, dates, fees

3. Identify and find the class you are going to be requesting based on your child’s Age.

4. Create a NEW ACCOUNT (unless you have done so already this summer as part of booking a summer camp) & ADD STUDENTS

5. Find the class you wish to book by selecting the required day and clicking on ‘Submit’

6. Request to book the class by checking out of the basket, adding your payment details and continuing until the screen says “Your registration completed successfully”

7. You will have received an E-mail with subject: “……. Class Enrollment Request”

8. Wait to receive ‘Class Enrollment Request Approved’ email (or wait list confirmation if there is no space available) or check enrollment status by going to ‘Enrollments’ in parent portal account.

9. Please give us time to approve your request.


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