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In RGC, we believe kids should be able to act like kids. We also believe fun environments are especially conducive to the kind of learning that prepares them for life’s adventures. Through unique programs such as Parent & Toddler that revolve around active play, we complement and enhance the traditional school experience – even before kids are school age! We give children a safe and inspiring space to direct their energy, build confidence, and develop key skills.

Our Parent & Toddler classes promote early development and provide a strong foundation for your child’s critical first three years.

Class Options

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Parent and Toddler General Information 2019-2020

Class Segments

  • 45 Minutes INSTRUCTION
  • 30 minutes FREE-PLAY {optional add on}

Entry Requirement

Toddler must be able to walk & follow basic instruction. This is an interactive class for parents to engage in sport together so they just need to be able to participate with your help!

Recommended Age

There is no lower age limit but toddlers are welcome to attend until pre-school age. Older participants may be recommended to transfer to one of our older child programs once they are capable of participation without parent support.


Additional Information & Class Rules

  1. Parents and/or guardians attend with children and provide support and help their toddlers throughout the session’s duration.
  2. The participants are the gymnasts and not the parents. 
  3. Parents please refrain from using any equipment unless you have been instructed to do so as part of the session.
  4. Pupils are not allowed access to the equipment outside of their scheduled class times. Parents please ensure you supervise your children at all times.
  5. Parents please do not bring other walking siblings to the session who aren’t registered for the class.
  6. Small babies who are not mobile may stay with parent currently supervising a participant provided the parent is still able to support the pupil learning and they are not left unattended or using equipment.


Please read instructions below thoroughly and then proceed to our parent portal.

This course is opened for booking on first-come first-serve basis. Enrollment request will be approved in the order it is received. We are currently approving requests with some delays.

All Bookings are being made through our NEW parent portal. This means you will need to create a new account if you haven’t already done so in order to request a space. We are NOT currently taking any bookings by text or email.

Please reference the instructional video and steps for enrollment listed below first.

**We are no longer using the Gnobeo system for any bookings.**

Before requesting a class enrollment online, it is important you are aware of the following.

You will know that your enrollment request has been successful when you have checked out of the basket and continued to the end until the screen confirms that “Your registration has been successful”, meaning your request for enrollment has reached us and we are reviewing it. You will also receive same confirmation via E-mail. 

While recurring term billing is our preferred method for payment of tuition, should you wish to make your payment via a different method, it is important you come and book your class in person at the club. The club will not book anyone in any class without either saved recurring billing details on account or an upfront payment.

In order to book in person, please create an account and add students to your account from home before coming to the club.  An upfront payment of TERM tuition, Annual club Membership and Gymnastics Ireland membership via cash or cheque is required.

Note, we will not process any other payments using your saved payment information without prior authorization by you. We will, however, process payments for all overdue balances you have on the account at the time of approving your class enrollment as all members must be in good standing on their account before starting to train in the new season.

Following are the steps to request a class enrollment. We have created the VIDEO demonstration to ensure you are able to request your class at ease.


2. Review class timetable, dates, fees

3. Identify and find the class you are going to be requesting based on your child’s recommended Class, Level, Age or previous experience

4. Login (or create NEW ACCOUNT in our Parent Portal & Add Student(s))

5. Find the class by searching for Day and Level (leave session and gender unspecified)

6. Request to book the class by checking out of the basket, adding your payment details and continuing until the screen says “Your registration completed successfully”

7. You will have received an E-mail with subject: “……. Class Enrollment Request”

8. Wait to receive ‘Class Enrollment Request Approved’ email or check enrollment status by going to ‘Enrollments’ in parent portal account

9. Please give us time to approve your request.


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