Recreational Gymnastics

At Renmore Gymnastics Club we offer a wide range of training options.

Our recreational gymnastics program comprises the following:

  • Pre-School Gym
  • Beginner Gym
  • Club Squad 1
  • Club Squad 2
  • Target Squad (teens)
  • Adult Gym

Our recreational gymnastics classes start by building foundational gymnastics skills across a variety of gymnastics disciplines. As gymnasts progress, they may be recommended to move to a specific stream – this may be WAG (Women’s Artistic Gymnastics), MAG (Men’s Artistic Gymnastics), Tumbling or Rhythmic Gymnastics.

Gymnast Progression / Assessments

Gymnasts are continually assessed by our coaches in each and every class, and coaches will make a recommendation when they believe a member is ready to progress to a new class level. If the coaches recommend moving your child to a new class level, you will receive an email notifying you of such – this email will provide you with details of a trial invitation for your child, or with instructions on how to request a transfer to your preferred class of the recommended class level.
It is important that all gymnasts learn and master the required skills in each level before progressing to a new class level. It would not be safe to progress a child to a higher class level if they have not learned the pre-requisite skills to help them safely learn more advanced skills – therefore we will not consider moving a child to a new class level until the coaches have confirmed that they are ready to do so.