Recreational Gymnastics

At Renmore Gymnastics we offer a large variety of classes in our recreational programme. We pride ourselves in being able to teach several gymnastics disciplines by our highly qualified team of international coaches. Recreational Gymnasts have full access to all of the equipment in our centre. They learn both general and apparatus specific skills through Men’s and Women’s Artistic, Tumbling, Acrobatics and Rhythmic Gymnastics. We have taught classes available for boys and girls from the age of 3 upwards. 

Please note: Groups are organized by school year. Please ensure we have the correct details. A coach will make group adjustments if necessary.

Term Taught Class Types:

Kinder Kids: 1 hour long class (60 min)

Class Type Age (as of Sept 1st) School Class Year Of Birth
Tumbling Tots 3 – 4 years “Not in school yet” or Pre-School (2012 – 2011)
Jumping Juniors 4 – 5 years Junior Infants (2011 – 2010)
Super Seniors 5 – 6 years Senior Infants (2010 – 2009)

General Recreation: 1 & 1/2 hour long class (90 min)

Recreational classes may have mixed age groups depending on enrollment for that time period.*

Class Type School Class
Rec 1 1st class
Rec 2 2nd class
Rec 3 3rd class
Rec 4 4th class
Rec 5 5th class
Rec 6 6th class

Pre-Teens : 2 hour long class (120 min)

Class Type School Class
Pre – Teens Secondary School

Recreational gymnasts work towards a list of skills including splits, bridges, cartwheels, handstands, strength, and speed. We have a NEW set curriculum that all coaches work from and can assess the progress of these children based on the recreational levels (1-10). Assessment is on a continuous basis. Any child who shows a mastery of these skills can be identified by a Renmore coach and invited to move from the recreational stream into the competitive stream (by head coach invitation only).

Check out our September 2015 Timetable here! 


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