Recreational Program Assessments

What are Recreational Assessments?

At RGC Recreational Members are assessed periodically throughout the year to ensure gymnasts are progressing and make any necessary changes to their syllabus as required.

We are sharing this data with families in an effort to improve communications in regards to progress in the recreational program.

The results of assessments are primarily used to update training plans and continue promotion of a happy and healthy learning environment.

Gymnasts are encouraged to participate to the best of their ability in the assessments as they are a valuable tool for ensuring progress. They are not penalized for being unable to complete an exercise but encouraged to practice sections they find more difficult.

What Happens after Assessments?

Congratulations are in order for all gymnasts who partake in assessments!

Most of the time nothing needs to change after assessments. After assessments are processed, training plan changes  may be gradually introduced as required. Gymnasts can continue to attend their designated sessions as normal.

Occasionally a class transfer may be suggested. If this happens you will be sent an email from one of our coaches to suggest a trial date. Assessment scores are only one factor taken into consideration when recommendations are made for transferring gymnasts.

Gymnasts can continue to participate in the recreational program and make progress within the sport.



Assessment Results

Gymnast’s progress is currently presented on printed copy of an evaluation report. On the report you will see a number of relevant key skills and your gymnast’s assessed performance of each skill. The ability to perform each skill is rated using starts.

Evaluation reports are currently handed out every 8-10 weeks.




What Happens Next?


Questions about the Results?

If you would like more information on specific results please send us an email with the Subject: Assessment Results Query

One of our coaches will send a breakdown of the results as soon as possible.