Fees Policy


Training Season 2017 – 2018 (September 1st 2017 – August 31st 2018)


€30 per year for all members booked in a class, payable on 1st of September or upon joining. Membership is valid for 12 months from date of joining.


Valid from 1st September 2017 until 31st August 2018.

Current members pay Gymnastics Ireland Membership fee prior to starting their training in the new training season each year. 

New members pay the Irish Gymnastics amount upon joining the club.

The fee is not prorated or reduced if joining later than in September.

Yearly Membership Types

€10 – Pre-School (age 4 and under on Sept 1st 2017)

€20 – Recreational (children aged 5-17 years in non-competitive programs)

€35 – Competitive (children participating in Gymnastics Ireland competitions)

€25 – Adult (18+ in adult gym)

Camp Membership

€5 – Per child per camp season

This fee is payable by all non-members joining one of our camps and is valid within the same camp season (1. Halloween, 2. Easter, 3. Summer). If joining for both a Halloween camp and an Easter Camp, €5 is payable for each of the two periods separately.

Current RGC members (having valid GI membership at the time of camp participation) do not pay Camp Membership.


Class Duration:

45 minutes – 28 Euro per Month

60 minutes – 32 Euro per Month

90 minutes – 38 Euro per Month

For prices of term-based programs, please download the relevant program booklet from this website page.


As fees will vary depending on the group gymnast is a member of, fees are communicated on individual basis at the time of a space offer or before new training season begins.


Family discount of €1 per week for second and subsequent children in family is given.


We require advanced payment of memberships and training fees before training may begin.

New members are informed of their program’s fees in advance of joining.

Current members are informed and notified about their program’s fees before training season begins each year.

Current members billed monthly are also notified about their upcoming fees via e-mailed statement one week before the fees are due each month.

Current members booked in our term-based programs are contacted in advance of a new term.


All current members enrolled in any of our Kinder, Entry, Recreational and Competitive Programs pay their training fees on monthly basis.

Payment of tuition is due before or on the 1st of each month for the month starting on the 1st.

Autopay is processed on the 1st of each month or the next weekday should 1st fall on a weekend or a bank Holiday. The club reserves the right to change the Autopay date for operational reasons and in this case members are notified of this in advance.

Monthly payment structure effective from 1st September 2017 is based on a number of hours of training each week (traditional hourly fees), number of weeks a gymnast trains within each year as per their program’s requirements and a number of payable months in the training year (10 or 12).

Members of programs running for 12 months commit to training and paying fees for 12 months when they accept a space within the program. Fees must be paid throughout the member’s absent days due to other engagement, short illness, family holidays, summer schools such as Gaeltacht etc. as long as the member wishes to keep their place in the program. The member may be eligible for a credit back, please refer to the Class Credits paragraph below.

Program requirements and a number of payable months (September on):
Recreational – 10 months (school year)
Intermediate 1 – 10 months with optional summer training (7-8 weeks)

Intermediate 2 – 10 months with optional summer training (7-8 weeks)
Intermediate 3 – 12 months
Development – 12 months
National – 12 months
High Performance – 12 months

Although a couple of months within the training year will offer less than 4 weeks of training, this is already accounted for in the monthly payments. The monthly payment is not reduced during such months and the amount remains same.

Recreational gym students training on Mondays whose classes do not take place on Bank Holidays such as in May and June and the club has no way of re-scheduling the classes, an account credit will be applied to the monthly charge before an Autopay is processed. Such families will only be charged for 3 weeks. The single class credit is calculated by using the gymnast’s monthly fee and dividing it by four.

Autopay Run Days 2017-2018

1st September, 2nd October, 1st November, 1st December

5th January, 1st February, 1st March, 3rd April, 1st May, 1st June, 6th July, 1st August


All current members enrolled in our Parent & Toddler, Teen or Adult Gym programs pay by the term in advance of each term’s start. Terms are usually 7 or 8 weeks in duration and there are 5 terms each year. A summer term may also be offered based on general demand.

Members registered in one of our Term programs but having immediate family member training in one of our programs billed monthly can request to be also billed monthly.


Thanks to the volunteer and fundraising support of parents, we are able to keep fees as low as possible. As the club relies on these fees to pay rent, wages for coaching, electricity, heating, etc., we operate a strict “No fees = No train” policy.

It is members’ responsibility to remember to pay according to the payment schedule. Text messages and E-mails are only a courtesy of the club.

If you are registered for Autopay but do not see a payment on your online bank statement on the day of the Autopay run or the following day, please login and check that the payment has gone through. If it hasn’t, select fees due and make a payment using your saved card details.

Autopay may fail for any of the following reasons – Irish Postal is used (we recommend using five zeros in the format 00000), the card has expired, the card has been reported lost or stolen.

It is important that members communicate any delay in payment of fees to avoid automatic class drop and membership suspension. We understand that delays can happen but it is important we know about this. If; however, members do not communicate with the club and fail to pay fees, we will automatically cancel their enrollment assuming they no longer wish to be booked.


Following are steps the club will take in case of a failed or missed payment.

Members who authorized Autopay (saved card details in parent portal)

1. If your payment is returned as unsuccessful, we will notify you of this within a couple of days of the failed payment by a text message and an email.

2. If a payment is not received within a week, we will remind you via a text message and an email each week thereafter.

3. If payment is not received within a month, the club will automatically process Autopay for all overdue fees and next month’s fees together on the next Autopay run date. You will always be issued a statement and be alerted by a text message of fees due prior to the Autopay run.

Should payment fail for the second time, member is notified of enrollment cancellation until such time the payment is made.

Members without Autopay (paying via other methods)

1. If payment is not received by the 1st of the month, member is notified within a couple of days by a text message and an email and given up two weeks to make a payment.

2. If payment is not received within two weeks, member is phoned and given second reminder.

3. If payment is not received by the time a new statement for next month’s fees is issued, the club will issue a final reminder for all overdue and current fees to be paid by the 1st of next month.

If only partial payment is made, member is notified of enrollment cancellation until such time all fees are paid. 

If no payment is made, member is notified of enrollment cancellation and space is offered to the next person on the waiting list.

NOTE – the above procedure is not applicable for members booked in term-based programs. Term based members who have not paid at the start of the term will be notified and removed from a class.

***The club reserves the right to amend the above payment collection procedure in regards to individual memberships if an account is frequently in arrears and payments continue to fail or continue to be delayed. Members may be notified of cancelled class enrollment sooner than in four weeks in such cases.***



We have setup Autopay option for our members. This means that you may save your debit/credit card details on your online member account and we process your monthly tuition fees are automatically ensuring payment on time every time without the need to remember to pay.

By saving payment details on your member account, you authorize RGC to process tuition automatically every month as per above terms.

NOTE: The club will not process any other fees without prior permission by the member, this includes payment for purchased merchandise, competition entry fees, rental of leotards etc.

To save your card details, please login to your online member account, under Payments go to ‘Manage Payment Options’ > Update/Save Payment Information > Form of Payment > Credit/Debit Card. Complete all fields ensuring ZIP/Postal code is also filled in (can be 5x zero – 00000). Save Information.

You can can check that your payment details have been saved successfully by going back to  ‘Manage Payment Options’ and under ‘Saved Payment Information on File’ you will see a card type beside ‘Issuer’ and four digits beside ‘Last Four’. Please ignore ‘Credit Card Not Present’.

Other Payment Options

Other payment options are less preferred by the club and will only be considered upon individual request.

If paying by any of the below methods, payment must reach us before or on the 1st of each month as per payment terms. Bank Transfer in particular can take a number of days and so we recommend you setup a Standing Order a number days before the 1st to ensure your fees reach us on time.

Bank Transfer When transferring funds, please include your phone number in the reference! IBAN: IE27 AIBK 9370 9638 504039. Swift/BIC: AIBKIE2D, Sort Code: 937096, Account No: 38504039

At the gym – Cash or Cheque

Cheque – by post in envelope provided to:
Renmore Gymnastics
5 Woodlands Ave

Returned cheque by a bank will result in further 5 Euro charge to member’s account.

*Receipts will be emailed to you upon processing of your payment.


*Experiencing Financial Difficulty? If your ability to pay term fees is impeded by financial difficulties, please ring the club manager Monika Corley 091392544 to discuss fee payment options.


RGC does not grant account credits for general absences (including short illness and minor injury), transportation, delays or early dismissals by parent or guardian. No account credits are granted for scheduled holidays or other activities resulting in absenteeism. While members are on holidays, the club holds their space and continues to pay the coach. Our expenses do not reduce while members are on holidays and it is therefore not sustainable or possible for the club to discount or cancel member’s fees while on holidays as long as the member wishes to keep their space and return to the class upon their return from holidays.

Club policy allows for account credit to be considered on individual basis for classes missed only where a gymnast is going to miss 3 or more consecutive weeks of training in these cases:

1. Injury accompanied by a doctor’s certificate.
2. Ongoing illness accompanied by a doctor’s certificate.

The club will consider granting credit as per above terms only where advanced written notice of absenteeism for an extended period of time due to illness or injury is provided. If you or your child are going to be missing for a prolonged period of time due to injury or illness, please inform us as soon as possible. If you inform us of past absenteeism due to above reasons, we will not be able to facilitate account credit. 

Club policy allows for account credit for a singular class missed of term training in these cases:

1. Bereavement in the immediate family.

2. Classes cancelled by the club.

Credit amount for a singular class is calculated using the member’s standard monthly tuition fee and dividing it by four.

In case where the club could have run the class but decided not to for internal reasons such as a missing coach, works in the club etc., a credit note or a make-up session will be offered.

Note: If the club is unable to run a class due to reasons that are out of the club’s control and are ‘Act of God’ such as national weather warnings, flooding, blocked access to the club, external damage due to weather etc., a make-up session will be offered as soon as it is safe and possible to do so. Credit notes are not provided in these situations.


We recommend members check their account balances regularly and make queries promptly following receipt of a new account statement. Queries regarding old balances aged more than a month will be dealt with upon club’s discretion only.


RGC does not provide refunds for:
1. Absences, transportation, delays or early dismissals by parent or guardian.
2. Scheduled holidays or other activities resulting in absenteeism.
3. Classes, Courses, Camps, Trials or Tasters in the past.
4. Classes, Courses, Camps, Trials or Tasters currently in progress

Members may request a refund for a pre-paid booking in a class (full month), camp, taster or trial starting in the future. 

Refunds for courses or camps that are already in progress is not provided but a credit note will be offered. 

This means that if it is currently the month of April and you have already paid for training in May and wish to cancel, refund for classes in May may be facilitated. If May’s training already started and you wish to cancel remaining classes in the month of May, no refund is offered but an account credit is facilitate. We recommend that students simply finish attending the month.

Request for a refund for classes or bookings in the past are not facilitated.*

*This includes classes a member attended, was excused or absent for. Please see below cancellation policy for more information.


Requests to cancel a class must be in writing directly to the club manager, administrator or a front desk member of staff.

Requests to cancel should always be made before the new training month or as soon as practicable.

Requests made to individual coaches or passed on verbally will not be considered or recorded.

Members are responsible for payment of all classes preceding the request date. Request to cancel a class that already took place will not be considered, only future classes can be cancelled.