We are currently experiencing HIGH VOLUME of incoming emails and queries and aren’t able to respond to each one. Please use the below information and our website to search for information. We thank you for understanding and your patience.


Thank you for your interest in our club, we really appreciate it.

We are currently experiencing HIGH VOLUME of emails and queries and we aren’t able to respond to everyone. Please use the below information and our website to search for information. We thank you for understanding and your patience.

***RGC have moved to a new online club management software. To find out more, please visit our website.***

***If you are a new person wishing to book a class, and have not previously registered your details online with us, please note that our only available classes for booking are Parent & Toddler and Adult Gym. Spaces in ALL OTHER classes are being offered only to people from our previous waiting lists at the moment.***

We would love if you created an online account with us so that we can let you know when waiting lists re-open or classes, taster sessions and camps are available for booking. See links below.

***Please note, creating new account or participation in a summer camp does not currently place your gymnast on any waiting list or in a particular future space offer order.***


Thank you for contacting us with your waiting list query. We are currently managing the waiting list outside of Gnobeo where you had previously created an online account.

It is not currently possible to update your availability.

We assure you that we are doing our utmost to offer new spaces out to people from waiting lists. We are currently in the process of contacting everyone but it will take us a couple more months. When you hear from us, please take action described in the received text or email immediately to confirm that you are still interested to remain on the waiting list and wish to be contacted when a space becomes available.

We also assure you that if you do not hear back from us other than via this general email response, we have read your query, have your details, have you on our list and will make contact with you in due course. We really thank you for your understanding, cooperation and your patience.

We also recommend you keep an eye on our Website and Facebook page for news regarding new classes, events and camps.


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***Please note that the waiting lists grew large over the last number of years and the waiting periods are long. RGC will offer you a space only once, if this space is not accepted, the club will offer it to the next person on the list and the system will automatically remove you from the list.***

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