Thanks for visiting our website, we are thrilled that you are interested in Renmore Gymnastics.

Unfortunately our Club AND our Waiting List are currently CLOSED due to the national shutdown.

Enrollment in all our participation based programs is currently only possible by a direct space offer from a waiting list. Enrollment in our competitive programs is via coach recommendation and/or subject to a trial.

Our term based programs Parent & Toddler Target Squad Beginners and Adult Gym may be requested online via our Parent Portal by making a specific class request. This feature has been suspended due to the shutdown but we will resume bookings once we confirm a new opening date for the facility.

Our recreational gymnastics camps are available for booking by non members when they purchase a camp insurance membership included in the non-member rate. We hope to upload information about our Summer 2020 camps if the facility is re-opened in time for these programs.

You can access our online parent portal at

or by clicking below

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When your request to be placed on a waiting list is approved, you will be notified via E-mail and your start date of enrollment with a status WAIT will be the date you made the request online. You may check this via your club online account anytime but it won’t show you the position on the list. You may contact the club to ask for an approximate position but we are unable to estimate the length of time of waiting.

Please note that we strive to offer spaces as fast as we can but due to an ever increasing demand for gymnastics, the waiting periods can be months and sometimes year or two particularly if waiting for weekend classes or classes that generally suit most people’s availability and that as a result have a near 100% retention rate and in which spaces become available only very rarely.

We recommend you WAIT for as many classes that suit you as possible at the time of starting to WAIT. When your availability changes, you can be added to another class with a start date you first requested to WAIT.

We may sometimes decide to pause the WAITING list of some classes if the waiting list has grown too long. Every year, we may also change classes around and some may be cancelled or moved to another day. We will notify you in this case.

When we create a brand new waiting list, we will notify people publicly via our web or social media, we do not notify families already waiting.

Families who created an account or completed a camp are not automatically placed on a waiting list, they must specifically request to be placed on a waiting list or preferably do this themselves online via this Parent Portal.

When a space becomes available, we will notify you via an email and a text message. We will offer the time in which we currently have a space and a group that is suitable for your child’s current age. If you reject an offered space more than twice, the club may notify you that no more spaces will be offered to you and will advise you make contact with the club again in the future.