Our Programmes

Our Participation Programme is the entry level for all gymnasts, it is comprised of several tiers and there are classes for toddlers through to teens and adults.

Active Start Under 3’s – This is our Parent & Toddler Programme, currently running three afternoons a week the class is 30 minutes long. Your little gymnast should be toddling (or wobbling!) and must be accompanied by an adult. The ideal ratio is one adult to one child but if this is not possible for you please contact us.

Active Start Under 5’s – This class is aimed toward children of Pre-School age, 3 – 5 years. Gymnasts enter the gym with their coach, parents are not permitted in the gym area. The class is 30 minutes long and is circuit based focusing on developing fundamental movements and basic gymnastic skills in a fun environment.

Active Start Under 8’s – If your child is already 5 please request an under 8’s class. Classes are 45 minutes and focus on developing basic fundamental movement skills and a familiarity with the gymnastics training environment. It’s apparatus work in a fun and non-competitive way. Play to train, train to play!

Gym FUNdamentals Under 10’s – For gymnasts aged 8 – 10 this 45 minute class puts the emphasis on basic skills on each apparatus.

Gym FUNdamentals Over 10’s – If your child is a beginner aged between 10 and 13 please request this 45 minute class. Over 10s classes focus on identifying the individual needs of the child in a structured gymnastics environment, building on their natural coordination and strength in a fun, non-competitive way, while encouraging their individual personalities to shine through. 

Gym FUNdamentals Over 13’s – Again, this is a beginner class but it is 60 minutes and for gymnasts aged 13 to 18* .Gym FUNdamentals over 13’s is based on fun and fitness and basic gymnastic skills on each apparatus.

*please note that gymnasts aged 18+ must enroll in Adult Gym, see below.

Gymnasts are assessed four times a year and entry to the next level, Club Squad 1 is by invitation.

Club Squad 1 Gymnasts are invited to join Club Squad 1 after completing Gym FUNdamentals. The classes are one hour long. Gymnasts in Club Squad 1 work on core strength and flexibility whilst further developing their fundamental skills and adding to their knowledge of basic apparatus training and terminology in an inclusive and developmental way. In Club Squad 1, our gymnasts train for fun, and have fun while they train.

Club Squads 2, 3 & 4 – Upon invitation to join Club Squad 2 gymnasts can choose a discipline specific class from the following;

WAG – Womens Artistic Gymnastics, training on beam, vault, bars and floor.

MAG – Mens Artistic Gymnastics, training on floor, pommel horse, rings, vault, parallel bars and horizontal bar.

TUM – Tumbling, training acrobatic skills along a 25 metre long sprung track.

RHY – Rhythmic, combining gymnastics and dance training with hoops, ribbon, ball, clubs and rope.

TAR – Target. This is a teen class focussing on fun, fitness and personal goals.

Club Squad 2 classes train for 90 minutes, Club Squad 3 train 2 hours and for Club Squad 4 it’s 3 hours, all training once per week.


In line with the Cara Inclusion Charter and with the support of our NGB we offer classes for gymnasts with additional needs, whether these are physical, sensory or intellectual challenges.

GymAble is a parent assisted class option, currently running on Sunday mornings. Like all classes you can request to enroll for GymAble via our Customer Portal, please remember to give us some information about your child’s requirements when you do so by adding this to the medical notes in the student profile.

If you would like to learn more about GymAble please contact us directly.

Adult Gym

Gymnasts aged 18+ train for 90 minutes once a week, no previous experience is necessary!

The focus is on fun, fitness and personal goals. The class is comprised of a warm up, circuits and stretch. Coaches teach elements and skills on all apparatus and there is open gym time where gymnasts have access to the equipment to work on their own goals.

Adults currently train on Tuesday or Wednesday evenings, classes can be requested via the Customer Portal.

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