Feedback from 2011 Course for Primary School Teachers

We ran a five day summer course for national school teachers earlier this month, focused on how to teach the gymnastics curriculum. The course was well attended and feedback was very positive. Here are the comments we received on the feedback forms:

  • “Excellent run course. Would definitely recommend it.”
  • “The instructor’s ability to break down skills into manageable skills and explain it to us was brilliant. She also had children of every level so we could see how she would teach it to every level.Her knowledge of what is available in schools and what ability children will have was also hugely helpful. Also the way she broke it down for every age group”
  • “Excellent course. I now feel more confident about teaching gymnastics in school.”
  • “Wonderful five days. Thanks to all involved”
  • “Very interactive. Great methodologies.Demonstrations excellent.”
  • “Very worthwhile”
  • “An excellent course- skills broken down really well. An excellent controlled approach shown-very safe and manageable in the school setting. Will definitely enable me to confidently teach gymnastics”
  • “Excellent course in a great place. Notes were clear and user friendly. Great tutor”
  • “This course was very practical and informative. It has given me knowledge and confident to teach this content. Would love it to be available to whole staff training”
  • “It was fantastic! As well as a gymnastics course, I felt it was great for boosting confidence. I think it is very important for primary schools whereas prior to this course I didn’t understand its significance”
  • “Have a much better insight into the gymnastics curriculum now. Will definitely use a lot of the skills and techniques.Will be much more comfortable teaching it now.Thank you!”
  • “The course was brilliant. Excellent layout Sally and the girls explained things in a very clear way and I feel I have a great understanding of how to teach gymnastics from now on.”
  • “This was a great opportunity to understand the gymnastics curriculum. It was presented excellently and I now feel happy to implement gymnastics during P.E time.”
  • “The progression from shapes to gymnastics move/shape changing is excellent and the content of this course is very versatile I would recommend this course to everyone.”
  • “I would recommend this course to any one teaching P.E.”
  • “Methodologies implemented by instructor when teaching both to the children and us teachers were clear, concise distinct and presented in a way that felt achievable. Content and knowledge were pitched at appropriate level for each child and correction given were deemed most beneficial.”
  • “Very clear presentation, great ideas for developing gymnastics at school,can see skill development.Most enjoyable course”
  • “It was impressive to see the children and the skills they have developed. I enjoyed the interaction and activities.”
  • “Overall I thought this course was extremely well presented, delivered and involved.The perfect match of instruction and involvement.”
  • “I found this course very interesting and learned a lot about gymnastics for beginners. Thank you.”

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