Recreational Star Gymnasts!!!

Congratulations to our STAR recreational gymnasts for the month of September! All September our recreational classes have been working on improving and developing their handstand techniques. The Coaches checked each child’s handstand progressions last week to see who had shown the most improvement in their handstands from start to finish. The girls and boys were all assessed on how well they could use the correct shapes from start to finish and 10 gymnasts were picked for exhibiting STAR quality work. I was impressed by how well ALL the gymnasts within the recreational program had worked and am very excited about this next months jumping challenge!


Aoibhe Lohan

Ailbhe Conaghan

Fiachra O Cochlain

Zoe Moore

Hannah Walsh

Rebecca Greaney

Breffni O’Reilly

Sara Fuller

Aoife Walsh

Liam Johnson

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