Welcome back Rick!

We are delighted to have coach mentor Rick McCharles from www.GymnasticsCoaching.com back with us for a few days. This is his second (of many, we hope!) visit to Galway. Rick is just returning from the London Olympic Test Meet where he met with Irish Gymnastics Olympian Kieran Behan. (Come to visit us in Galway, Kieran!)

Rick has a great vibrant energy that he brings with him wherever he goes. He is full of enthusiasm, optimism, encouragement – he inspires coaches, and with over thirty years hands-on coaching experience, he comes in quite useful in a gymnasium full of kids. He’s a strong believer that gymnastics should always be safe and fun!

This time around Rick is traveling not only as a coach mentor, but also as an ambassador for Tumble Trak, an American equipment supplier. Our 2012 budget is already toast with plans for some pits in our gym, but a couple of those Air Floor Pro inflatable track sections would sure be handy to have for public displays and events.

Welcome, Rick! We hope you enjoy your time in Galway this week. We will!

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