8 thoughts on “Adult Gym is brilliant fun!!

  1. are classes going on right now?? how many are in the class and what is the members general level/ability (working towards what??) i am 24 is that too old ??

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for the enquiry Danielle.
      We run adult gym sessions every Wednesday evening from 20h to 22h. The class is open to all over 18s – all levels from beginners to retired gymnasts. At least two of our brilliant coaches are there to help you learn new skills based on your abilities and interests. As well as this the class (averaging 10) is guided through a warm up. For more information see this link to our website:
      Thanks again as hope to see you here!
      All the best.

      1. where is it guys?? i know its in ballybrit like where exactlly ?? i work in medtronic so its reight beside work!! 😉

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