Renmore International!

… Another brilliant thing about Renmore Gymnastics Club is it’s international staff – from coaches to directors, the gym is home or has been home to contributors from thirteen different countries!!

In no particular order, here they are:

Malta- Ruth Chircop (past WAG) – visiting this summer with Maltese gymnasts!

Australia – Cherie Worthington-Eyre (Choreographer) Natalie Love (past WAG)

England/United Kingdom – Sally Batley (WAG) / Claire-Louise Walsh (Choreographer)

U.S.A. – Ariel Edesess (WAG) / Samantha Marciano (WAG) / John McMahon – (previous Director whose contribution helped massively to our permanent training centre!)

Ireland – Elaine Ryan (TUM/WAG) Dale Moylan (WAG) Jill McCullough (WAG/MAG) / Ceire Higgins (WAG/RHY) Sadhbh Sheahan (WAG/MAG) / Kiah McCabe (ACRO/WAG) Emma Beatty (WAG) Maire Greaney (WAG) / Roisin Collins (MAG) / Kai Wyn Loke (WAG) Shauna Davis (WAG) / Aleisha Kelly (WAG) / Paula O’Reilly (WAG) / Eoin Shimizu (MAG) Brian McDonagh (Director) / Anne Tynan (Director) / Donagh McCabe (Director) / Carol Hynes (Administrator)

Canada – Rob Fuller (Director) / Trish Streliof (Physiotherapist) / Jessica Brouder (PR)

Japan – Yutaka Shimizu (Director)

Germany – Joerg Muller (MAG)

Latvia/Russia – Anastajia Nirkova (Rhythmic coach)

New Zealand – Greg Muller (Performance coach)

Hungary – Gabor Molnar (Moongate Academy)

Spain – Paula Rogero (Pre-school coach)

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