Renmore Gymnastics Company Limited by Guarantee is the non-profit organisation behind Renmore Gymnastics Club. The company was established in 2009 in order to obtain a commercial lease on the warehouse which currently serves as the training center. The company is registered in Ireland, number 476134.

The Company has a volunteer board of directors of eight who meet for 1-1/2 or 2 hours eight or ten times per year, together with our Manager, Monika Corley, and head coach, Sally Batley. Most of the board members are parents in the club. None of the board members receive any compensation for being on the board; they pay the same club and training fees as all other members, and receive no extra benefit. Board members are appointed for a three year term, and may stand for re-election. The company directors have a legal responsibility.

Membership in Renmore Gymnastics Limited company is €2 per year, which is paid at the attending the Annual General Meeting. Company membership gives the right to vote at the AGM, to nominate members for the board, and so forth. Company Membership is open to all families in the club, and all are invited to attend the AGM, which is held annually, usually in September.

Renmore Gymnastics Limited employs the staff who serve in roles of Management, Coaching, Administration, Reception and Cleaning. Day to day operational decisions are made by the manager and staff, who together implement the strategy and policies decided at board level.

The club registers all staff and directors with Gymnastics Ireland pays the membership fee for them (but not for their children). All directors undergo the Garda Vetting Procedure for Child Protection, a service provided through the governing body.

Renmore Gymnastics Club is affiliated with the national governing body, Gymnastics Ireland. Gymnastics members who are registered in an ongoing class or camp, or who attend more than three drop-in sessions per year are charged a Gymnastics Ireland Membership fee, which is remitted in full to the governing body to which the member is enrolled.

We are a member of the Galway Sports Partnership.

We are committed to good governance.

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All payments to and from the club are recorded, and accounts are audited by Grogans. Each family has direct access to their own record of charges and payments using iClassPro Parent’s portal (previously using the gnobeo system). Audited annual accounts since company formation are available for download using the links below.

RGL – Accounts-2018