Beginner Class Spaces Available!

Following a long period of shutdown we have re-opened our doors as of 29th of June and are delighted to now be able to open some beginner classes for enrollments!

We are only running classes in Ballybrit for the time being and have expanded our premises here to maintain a fully socially distanced environment. All our recreational beginner classes are now located in a new building on the racecourse grounds. We will not know when classes can resume in external venues until closer to the time as this is based on guidelines from the government and our NGB. Therefore, instead of running a general waiting list we are opening and enrolling for the summer term our beginner classes on a first come first serve basis.

Before requesting a class please check out our MEMBERS page on our website for all Covid 19 policy changes and updates including the addendum to the our Codes of Conduct, Operational Policies, and a video walk through of what to expect at the new venue.

Our Summer Timetable (HERE age 3-10yrs & HERE age 11-17yrs) has all class times, dates, and fees information.

How to Request a Space:

To request a space simply login to the PARENT PORTAL and click on classes. You can use the filters or scroll through the list to find your desired class. Your child will need to be added as a Student on your account to be able to request a space for them.

If it says OPEN – you can request a space in the class (Click Submit a Request), and these will be reviewed by staff and replied to with either ACCEPT or DENY. If your request is accepted please make payment within 48 hours to hold the space and attend the next scheduled training session. For the time being you will need to complete a self-screening form prior to training to ensure members all only attending in good health. Any unpaid spaces will be released to the next request 48 hours after the confirmation email is sent (not 48 hours from when your request is received).

If it says FULL/CLOSED – you can request to join the waiting list for that specific class option. These lists will continue to offer spaces as they become available for the summer term but will not carry over to September. We hope to be able to run a more condensed schedule from September when we can increase the number of people in the room. You will receive an email to confirm your waiting list request has been received.

You can request as many options as you wish but note once you accept a space you will be dropped from any additional requests.

NOTE: You will receive two emails:

1 – an automated response to confirm your request was submitted (like online shopping)

2- a response to your request

For information regarding September timetables please keep an eye on our website and we will post information on this topic closer to the end of the summer.

As we continue to “hang tough” as we await the re opening of our beloved gymnastics centre, we are asking you all to literally “hang tough” with us over the coming fortnight!
The WINNER of our “hang tough” challenge will be the gymnast who can hang from their hands from a bar/branch anything else they can find, for as long as possible. Record your best effort, and post in on our Instagram. You will need to tag and follow both the club and Rosca leotards to be in with a chance to win a fabulous Rocsa leotard!! Winner will be announced on Saturday 20thJune 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼
Come on everyone, we want to see you all hanging tough together! undefined

RGC Home-Lesson Plans

A quick note to all RGC families.

Firstly, we hope you’re all keeping well and minding your health! To keep our members (and their families) active and working on those gymnastics skills while the gym is closed, we’ve sent lesson plans via email to all RGC families – our coaches have put some great work into developing these home-exercise plans for you all.

If you haven’t received these lesson plans, please check your SPAM / junk folders.



The Board of RGC has taken a decision to cease all training until further notice in the interest of members and staff welfare.

This is a precautionary measure. We are NOT aware of any link between the COVID-19 virus and any members of Renmore Gymnastics Club. 

We will keep members updated over the coming days/weeks by email, website and on Facebook.

We appreciate your understanding and your continued support.

Health & Safety Update

Notice to all RGC Club Members & Parents. With the current outbreak of Coronavirus in the country, we would like to ask that you all take the below instructions very seriously in the interest of the health and safety of all gymnasts, coaches and others entering Renmore Gymnastics Club facilities.

Please make yourselves aware of the advice from the HSE, which can be found at

  • If your child is unwell, please keep them home from classes to avoid spreading any contagious illnesses.
  • If your child has travelled abroad (particularly to areas where there is a spread of coronavirus) and is not feeling well, please keep them home from classes.
  • If your child’s school (or any other groups they are a part of) is closed for quarantine, please do not send your child to gymnastics classes.

We’d like to also encourage all club members to please make sure to practice good personal hygiene and follow all HSE advice to help prevent the spread of coronavirus:

  • Wash hands properly and often.
  • Cover your mouth and nose with a tissue or your sleeve when you cough or sneeze.
  • Put used tissues in the bin and wash your hands.
  • Clean and disinfect frequently touched objects and surfaces.
  • Try to avoid close contact with people who are not well.
  • Follow the travel advise from the Department of Foreign Affairs.
  • Do not touch your eyes, nose or mouth if your hands are not clean.

Also, please make sure your gymnasts bring their own re-usable water bottle to classes so that they are not sharing drinks with each other. The coaches’ kitchenette is not set up to provide cups for drinking water.

We have plenty of soap and hand washing instructions in the gym bathrooms, and would ask that you encourage your children to wash their hands frequently and thoroughly to help us keep the gym and our members free from illness.

Parent & Toddler classes

After a fully booked January-February term, we’re now taking bookings for our next term of Parent & Toddler gymnastics classes starting the first week in March! 
Before this starts, we’re offering a taster class to give families a chance to try it out before committing to the full 8-week term. These taster classes will take place February 25th (Tues) OR February 27th (Thurs) , and will cost only €10.75 per child for a 75 minute class. 

If you’d like to do a taster class, please create an account on our Parent Portal and add your child as a Student on the account. Then, email to let us know if you’d like to do the trial class on either Tuesday February 25th or Thursday February 27th. Classes will take place from 10:00 – 11:15am. 

[NOTE: Maximum capacity applies for taster classes. Spaces will be allocated on a first-come-first-served basis.]

To find out more about our Parent & Toddler classes, please see

Classes as normal next week

Parents, please note that classes will be running as normal next week – while some schools may have a mid-term break for some or all of next week there will be no change to our gymnastics classes.

You can see our full 2019-2020 calendar listing bank holidays and other training breaks here:

Waiting List Update

We closed our waiting lists a short while ago as the waiting time for classes was becoming exceptionally long. We’d like to thank people for their patience in awaiting the opportunity to join our waiting lists, and we’re happy to say we’ve made significant progress on some of our waiting lists, so we’re reopening these!

To join our waiting lists, please create an account on our Parent Portal, and add your child as a student on this account. You can then request to wait for classes on days that will suit you.

Please note: we are not reopening all of our waiting lists at this point. If the days that suit you are not available on our Parent Portal, please continue to check back online regularly to see when those days become available.

Image result for waiting list


When your request to be placed on a waiting list is approved, you will be notified via E-mail and your start date of enrollment with a status WAIT will be the date you made the request online. You may check this via your club online account any time, but it won’t show you the position on the list. You may contact the club to ask for an approximate position but we are unable to estimate the length of time of waiting.

Please note that we strive to offer spaces as fast as we can but due to an ever increasing demand for gymnastics, the waiting periods can be months and sometimes a year or two particularly if waiting for weekend classes or classes that generally suit most people’s availability. That is the result of us having a near 100% retention rate causing spaces to become available only very rarely.

We recommend you WAIT for as many classes that suit you as possible at the time of starting to WAIT. When your availability changes, you can be added to another class with a start date you first requested to WAIT.

We may sometimes decide to pause the WAITING list of some classes if the waiting list has grown too long. Every year, we may also change classes around and some may be cancelled or moved to another day. We will notify you in this case.

When we create a brand new waiting list, we will notify people publicly via our web or social media, we do not notify families already waiting.

Families who created an account or completed a camp are not automatically placed on a waiting list, they must specifically request to be placed on a waiting list or preferably do this themselves online via the Parent Portal. The quickest way to be added to additional waiting lists is to complete the request through the Parent Portal. 

When a space becomes available, we will notify you via an email or phone call. We will offer the time in which we currently have a space and a group that is suitable for your child’s current age. If you reject an offered space more than twice, the club may notify you that no more spaces will be offered to you, you have been removed from that waiting list and we will advise you make contact with the club again in the future.