To all our super Renmore Gymnasts! (Gymfest 2011)

Gymnasts, well done and congratulations on all your performances at Renmore GymFest 2011. Every one of you worked so hard to make the night such a resounding success. Your families must be very proud of you, as are all your coaches.

Boys! You were great. Hats off to Joerg’s competition squad, Eoin S, Patrick, Dean and Eoin R, who showed everyone their dynamic, powerful and exciting skills. You guys are an inspiration to all our younger boys. And talking of younger boys…. Oisin, Tom, Alex and Fred…. what a performance in the second show! You were stars. Your routines were strong and clean and well polished. Your best to date. Great teamwork boys, with near perfect synchronisation. Eoin, Hilton and I are so very proud of all our boys who took part. Keep up the good work!

What a spectacular finale all the advanced and elite squad tumblers gave us. Absolutely WOW!

I would like to add a special thank you and congratulations to all my lovely Monday, Thursday and Friday girls. You did so well, especially in the second performance. You really pulled out all the stops there! I was delighted for you. So lets set some new goals and work hard to achieve them over the next year. Girl’s, it is within all your reach to become lovely gymnasts, and I am 100% dedicated to helping you live your ‘gymnastics dreams’ for many years to come. You are an absolute pleasure to work with. Thank you all very much.

All my good wishes,

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  1. My name is Carol and I would like to enrol my two boys for September please.Also I would like if they could do the Summer Camp on Monday 22nd August – Wednesday 24th August.Mark will be 8yrs old on nov 3rd and Ben was 5yrs old on 2oth June.I would like to speak to an Instructor first if that is possible just to ask what the boys would be doing in the class.
    Thanking you
    Carol (087 2427920)

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