Pictures from Gymfest 2015 are up!!!


The pictures from the Gymfest 2015 are available now. Massive thanks to Darach who did a fantastic job marking the occasion with beautiful shots.
If you are interested in purchasing some of the pictures, please contact Darach directly through the link on the bottom of the page.
Thanks, Darach!

Big Album for a big show! – Yes it will take you for ever to go through this album, but every performer last Sunday…

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Gymfest 2013 – A Huge Success!

Over four hundred Renmore gymnasts came together last Sunday to celebrate in their end of year show GYMFEST 2013. Packed with energy more than ever before, the gymnasts showcased two hours of non-stop gymnastics action. The show featured a huge variety of gymnastics displays from artistic, acrobatic, rhythmic and tumbling to general gymnastics. The show was a truly wonderful celebration of the hard work and achievements of all involved in the club. GYMFEST is loved by the club and its members. It’s the one day of the year that everyone comes together to unite in great fun and to enjoy the performance side of the sport. This year GYMFEST was held in a fantastic venue, the Kingfisher NUIG. Families and friends watched on with admiration and pride as their children flipped, twisted, jumped and swung with dedication, putting on a great show!

We would like to thank the many wonderful volunteers that gave up their time, energy, raffle prizes, equipment and transport, this event would certainly not have been possible without them.

Thank you!

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Gymfest 2013!

Gymfest is an annual show where parents get a chance to see the progress their children and the club have made. It’s an enjoyable event lasting under two hours. There will be a raffle on the day for which prizes are welcome.

This year’s RGC Gymfest is going to be bigger and better than any before it!

Where: Kingfisher Club NUIG

When: June 2nd, 2013

What time: Two shows: 2:00-3:30 pm and 6:00-7:30 pm (coaches will let you know which one your gymnast will be performing in)

Cost: €7.50 or two for €15 (limited to two per family as spaces are limited)

Buy tickets: Allocated tickets must be collected and paid for at the gym between May 6th-18th

Parking: Free

Term fees must be paid in advance of purchasing gymfest tickets

See you then!

Gymfest 2012!!

Renmore Gymfest 2012
Hundreds of delighted parents and children crowded to the Gymfest display held at the Galway Gymnastics Training Centre in Parkmore this past weekend.

The annual year end show gave the opportunity for all members of Renmore Gymnastics Club to take their performance to the limelight. For parents it was an opportunity to cherish their own child’s progress, and to witness the progressive sports development within the club.

“We love this event,” said head coach Sally Batley, “because it gives each member of the club the chance to be a star”. “Children and parents enjoy Gymfest,” says coach Samantha Marciano, who heads the club’s large recreational programme. “The show is a bit like a carnival, with non-stop action from beginning to end. It’s a great chance for every child to display their gymnastics skills in a non-competitive environment. It’s a celebration, really.”Gymfest 2012 took place on Saturday the 16th and Sunday the 17th of June with two sold-out shows each day. Recreational members each performed in one show, with some of the more advanced gymnasts involved in all shows. “We had some calls to open it up to the public”, said Marciano, “but unfortunately it was not possible due to limited seating capacity. We may consider a different venue for next year, although that would present some logistical issues involving moving a lot of equipment”.Asked about the club’s progress over the past few years, coach Batley replied, “We are following our Strategic Sports Development Plan which has three main elements: coach development, facilities development, and talent identification. This is to the benefit of every child who comes into the club. We are on track to bring Galway athletes to compete internationally, and had our first member of the Irish team this year.””We have a committed and professional team of international coaches, and a dedicated volunteer board of directors,” she said. “We will do it”.

Renmore Gymnastics has tripled in membership over the past three years, with well over five hundred children involved in weekly training.

“On average the members train three hours each week. Our standard recreational membership is for an hour and a half each week, and there’s much demand for this programme”, said Coach Marciano. “We’re expanding our programme to include all ages. We have recreational classes for tumble-tots, children, teenagers, adults. We have members aged 3 to 63, and we hope to soon have a programme for seniors. Gymnastics is a sport that everyone can enjoy, all year long.”

“Gymfest marks the end of the training terms,” said Batley, “but it doesn’t mark the end of training. Many of these children will take part in summer camps and extra training throughout the summer months.”

The club’s summer programme begins at the start of July, for both the competitive and recreational streams. The coaches are excited to have Olympic coach C-A Orchard taking part in the club’s advanced-level summer camp. Recreational summer camps are open to the public.

More information about summer camps at Renmore Gymnastics can be found here.

GymFest 2011

Gymnasts, just to reinforce Jills lovely message below, you guys were all amazing, it was a spectacular evening and I thank you all for supporting the event and sharing your gymnastics with such a large audience! You all showed amazing style, skill execution and outstanding entertainment.

The Renmore Coaches are very very proud of all our stars that took part… WELL DONE GYMNASTS!!!!

Sally and Team xxx