All that competed in the Level 1 National Final medaled!

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A big congratulations to all Renmore gymnasts that competed yesterday in the Level 1 National Final!!

The results are as follows:

Level 1a under 11:
Gold medal- Anna Kidd and Teagan Stanley

Level 1a over 11:
Gold medal- Donna Cunningham and Orla Kistmacher

Level 1b under 11:
Silver medal- Lilly Forrest, Eabha Carew, and Angelika Kolodziej

Level 1b over 11:
Bronze medal- Hazel Kirby

Level 1c under 9:
Bronze medal- Isobel Haugh, Miriam Fuller, Siofra Davis

Level 1c under 11:
Silver medal- Ciara Mulgannon and Rachel Cowan

Level 1c over 11:
Gold medal- Hannah-Kate Silke

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