WAG National Comp Results

WAG National  Level 2-5 teams Results:

Huge congratulations to the four teams we had competing in the 2-5 teams this year. The girls did a great job at this event and we are very proud of all of their hard work. The girls gained very valuable positive competition experience and for some this was their first team event. Some of our younger level two’s competed beam and bars for the very first time and impressed us massively. We also had some very new floors to showcase with the help of Cherie. The team event is a very fun one as we get to see our gymnasts be team-mates and work together. Well done girls. Bring on the next one !!!


WAG level 5-9 Reg and Nat results:

Well done to all of our gymnasts who competed across levels 5-9. We had very strong gymnasts across all levels and they faced a very difficult competition. We took home numerous regional medals nice job girls!! We also bagged ourselves some national titles from some very deserving gymnasts. Anna Kidd took the level 7 013 National title. This gymnast is amazing to watch compete, her confidence, beautiful dance and years of hard work helped her to earn this title. Her training buddy Siofra Molloy joined Anna taking home the level 9 013 national title. Another gymnast whose hard work over the years has payed off. Siofras strong bars work and elegance took a shine here!!! Well done everybody, can’t wait to see what you girls bring for the apparatus.

Tumbling Nationals 2016

Last weekend the Renmore tumblers went to UL to compete in the national tumbling championships 2016 and did us proud yet again, taking home numerous national titles and silver medals too!!

In the regional two, 11/12yrs, Cillian O Donovan was crowned national champion, after performing his two runs as neatly as he could to beat his score from qualifiers!! Cillian works so hard and just keeps improving!! We can’t wait to see what he does at nationals next year!! He is one to watch!!!

In the NDP 2, 8,9,10yrs, Gavin Hartnett was crowned national champion with his very dynamic and neat runs, and Cillian Kelly took the silver medal! Both boys worked very hard over the last few months and are looking forward to upping their difficulty for next years competition season! These pocket rockets are two boys to watch in the future!!

In the 11/12yrs, Lillian Kavanagh took a truly deserved silver medal with her outstanding runs, and Cliona McLaughlin places 4th, just missing out on a medal minimally after a little step on landing a very dynamic tumble pass! Both girls were fantastic on the day in what proved to be a very tough competition with a very high standard!
Éanna performed a very impressive 5whjps flic straight back and 5whips flic full twist to take the 11/12yrs national age group title, and qualified for an open finals against gymnasts much older than him where he fought hard and pulled out his double twist on the end! He was superb and takes another national title home with him this year!

Hugo Kinahan performed a massive whips to flic double pike and whips to flic double tuck to take the national 15/16 age group title, followed closely by Cian Hayes who took silver with his new runs of whips to flic straight and whips to flic full.

Both boys qualified for finals where Hugo became national junior tumbling champion!!!


Cian wowed judges who realised he only started tumbling last year and already has placed himself amongst the best tumblers in the country!

Both boys were outstanding and their dedication of travelling from Limerick to Galway to train is really paying off!

Molly nightingale won the senior FIG title as well as winning the overall highest tumbling score in the final to become crowned as “Overall tumbling champion 2016”
Molly had to leave before presentations to study for a college exam the following morning but her dedication and travel from Tralee to train during the week is really paying off!!

All of our tumblers are doing amazing and Elaine is thrilled to work with such a fantastic bunch of children and young adults every day! Well done to everybody on a very successful national championships!

We also would like to congratulate and thank Elaine for all her hard work throughout the year. She does an amazing job and our tumbling team is certainly fabulous!

Many of our tumblers will compete in our club competition on June 5th for further competition experience!

The tumbling team has a very exciting summer ahead with a trip to one of the world’s best tumbling clubs in the UK planned as well as a visit from one of the world’s top tumbling coaches all the way from Russia!

Watch this space for more from our tumbling team!!

Celtic Cup 2016

CELTIC Cup 2016

Better late then never I would like to inform you all about what a great job some of our Renmore WAG gymnasts did last month over in the Isle of Man for the 2016 Celtic Cup Championships!

Irish Minors:
Successfully selected onto Team Ireland for the Minors were Jane, Kate, Miriam and Emma. Joining them was Elisha from Nadia to make up the Irish Minors Team. Most of the girls representing Ireland for the 2nd year running with the exception of Emma who has now represented Ireland for the 3rd consecutive year, great achievement for such a young promising gymnast! Joining them this year for her International debut was Miriam Fuller contributing to team scores for Bars and Beam.

All the girls have worked so hard this year to compete creditable FIG routines gaining under their belts more and more of the necessary requirements that will in time see them as valid FIG gymnasts and serious contenders. The girls have upgrades on every apparatus and the objective of this event… get those new skills out in competition!

Great job to all! New elements competed by all on beam and floor and possibly most excitingly bars too! Emma competing her new bar routine with 2 new requirements amongst a few new elements and likewise for Jane, who can also cross 2 requirements off her list… mission complete… bar routines performed really well girls! Well no mistakes on the new elements… but 1 or 2 small errors on other areas keeping those bar scores down just slightly. Adding difficulty and new elements will always mean a period of transition, these elements are improving day but day, super work ladies!

Beam was not our best piece on this occasion (even though we actually had the highest team score for beam!) and every member of the team took a fall on beam, with the exception of Miriam who is really such a beautiful beam worker!

Our superstar Kate Molloy suffered an ankle injury just prior to the event so was a solid competitor for reliable routines on the day but had to hold off putting out new elements… but watch this space for Kate she’s a few things up her belt! Great job done on a fab new floor routine!

Super job by the Minors who secured the silver medal position, and well done also to Elisha for placing second overall!

Irish Juniors:
Amongst the Junior team was our very own Emer Shimizu who had a very solid performance for the day, missing only a dance series on beam which gave her score a bit of a knock, but otherwise great job on bars and vault, and also a lovely new floor routine with some upgraded tumble runs. Emer you are such a fun competitor and should very proud as like Emma, Emer has also reached her 3rd consecutive year of International Selection.

Irish Juniors returned also with the silver medal position, with super competition by Casey Bell who took the AA title and Meg Ryan for an AMAZING performance that secured her the silver AA medal and a PB score of 48.50.

Girls we are super proud of you, here are some nice pics to remember the weekend! Keep up the hard work and good luck this weekend for National Champs!

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MAG Competition Results


Well done to our boys Eanna McMahon and Shane Nolan Tobin on their fantastic performances in the MAG out of age level 1-3 competition.

Eanna did spectacularly in his first competition, competing in the level 2 under 10 category. He did especially well in his Physical Preparation Programme (a set routine that displays a gymnasts strength, flexibility and control).

Shane had a very good day and placed 3rd in the level 2 under 12 category.

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Well done to all the boys, it was a great day! And a big thanks to our fantastic coaches, Roisin Collins, Jill Mc Loughlin and Eoin Shimizu for all their hard work! We are very fortunate to have such an amazing team.


Tumbling Competition Results

Tumbling national qualifiers
23rd April 2016
Huge congratulations to eleven of our tumblers who competed in UL today in the qualifiers for national tumbling finals!
In the regional two, 8-10 years, Mia Rodgers showed off all her hard work to take a well deserved gold medal, followed by her team mate Aisling Carey who also did fantastic and took  the silver medal!
Cillian O Donovan was outstanding in regional two 11/12 years and took gold for the second year running!


Taking a big jump from last year, both Cillian Kelly and Gavin Hartnett took gold and silver respectively in the 8-10years NDP2, both with very strong performances!!
In the NDP 11/12 years, Cliona Mc Laughlin somersaulted herself to a silver medal and Lillian Kavanagh had the highest score in her first run but was unlucky with a little error in her second. Both girls have jumped two levels since last year and were absolutely fantastic!
In the national age groups, 11/12 years, Éanna ó hÉannaigh took another gold for his collection with the highest difficulty in his age group.


Hugo Kinahan wowed the audience with his speed and style taking gold in the 15/16 followed in silver position by Cian Hayes who has only been tumbling for little over a year!
Molly nightingale finished the day and took the senior gold medal of the competition!
Elaine is extremely proud of the whole team and they return to their tumble tracks for training on Monday to continue the hard work that never stops!!
And the RGC is very grateful and proud for having such a wonderful tumbling coach, dedicated athletes and supportive parents who often drive a long distance and make time for the tumbling training. Thanks all for being such a fabulous team!
“Ad Altiora”!!!!!

Rhythmic Novice Competition

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Our Rhythmic gymnasts had an exciting weekend at the University of Limerick Sports Arena.

It was the first competition of the year for these lovely ladies and despite the tough competition level, our gymnasts performed very well!

Most of the girls improved their scores from the last competition proving they are just getting better and better. We can’t wait to see their routines next time!

A big congratulations to Emma Kelly who participated in her first rhythmic competition and got on very well. And another big congratulations to Aoibhin McDonnell (Novice 2 Bronze Medal) and Rose Maeve Gaughan (Novice 1 Junior Silver Medal). Excellent work ladies!

Many thanks to our wonderful rhythmic coaches who are so dedicated to our gymnasts and the programme. Anastasia, Ilaria and Ceire – Thanks again for all your hard work!

The lovely photos are credit to Anastasia and Hello Deer Media

Our Super Stars Level 1 Girls!

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Some of our fabulous gymnasts participated in the Women`s Artistic Gymnastics National and Regional Level 1 Team and Individual competition on Sunday the 6th of March at the University of Limerick and they did a fantastic job!

We are  super proud and over the moon with the spectacular achievements of all our gymnasts!

They claimed the Regional Team GOLD medal in each of their age groups. Along with many other national medals. Wow! You girls rock 🙂 Thank you for all your hardwork, dedication and grace.

Thank you as well to our fabulous coaches who worked hard with our super star girls preparing them for this event. Fanny, Dale, Sadhbh, Ceire and Sam you are greatly appreciated too!

We would also like to credit Hello Deer Media for the fantastic pictures!

Here are the results from the weekend:


Level 1B Under 8 

Team Members

Maya Badreddine

Avril Shaw (Individual Regional Gold & Individual National Silver)

Emily Noone

Veronica Molnar (Individual Regional Bronze)

Liadh Collins (Individual Regional Silver)

Regional Results: Team Gold

National Results: Team Bronze


Level 1B Under 9

Team Members

Dani Rei Morrison (Individual Regional Bronze)

Nicole Jeff

Holly Wright (Individual Regional Silver)

Ciara Munnelly (Individual Regional Gold & Individual National Silver)

Regional Results: Team Gold

National Results: Team Gold


Level 1C Under 10

Team Members

Rachel O’Callaghan (Individual Regional Silver & Individual National Silver)

Sadhbh Cormican (Individual Regional Gold & Individual National Gold)

Shannon McMenamin (Individual Regional Bronze)

Ella Connolly

Regional Results: Team Gold

National Results: Team Gold


Level 1C Under 11

Team Members

Zoe Rodgers (Individual Regional Silver)

Lile Fagan

Lucie Nolan (Individual Regional Bronze)

Shauna McGann (Individual Regional Gold & Individual National Bronze)

Regional Results: Team Gold

National Results: Team Gold


Men’s Artistic National Results

We are still enjoying the results of the Nationals. Our boys brought home a total of 19 medals and made us so very proud!

On Saturday, November 17th, six gymnasts traveled to Limerick to compete in the National Men’s artistic Gymnastics Grades. Level zero was introduced for the first this year to allow under age boys to compete. It was a big day for Oran McDaid, Daniel McGrath and Paddy Cunningham. It was their first exposure to competition at a national level and the boys did themselves and their club very proud, bringing home the bronze medal. Daniel was also presented with the bronze medal for his vault. Well done boys!

At level 2 (under 10’s), Nicholas Lynch, Mikey Hynes and Galius Babonas, also had success and earned themselves the team silver medal. Nicholas Lynch took first place on rings and bronze on floor. Mikey Hynes also did an excellent job earning a silver on pommel and a bronze on rings, while Galius through sheer hard work and dedication earned himself silver medals on floor, parallel bars and vault, a bronze on pommel horse and an amazing overall 4th place.

At level 3, the three gymnasts representing Renmore Gymnastics Club were Jack Lynott, Ronan Zaletel & Keelan Coffey. This was a very tough level and the boys did very well to come away with a team bronze. Jack was the team highest scorer overall, finishing in fifth place, while Ronan received the bronze medal on pommel horse.

All their coaches would like to congratulate all the boys and the Renmore Gymnastics Club is extremely proud of them all. What a fab result!

And below some pictures of the big day!

MAG Team Level 0 – 3rd place. Well done, Paddy Cunningham, Daniel McGrath & Oran McDaid!


MAG Team Level 2 – 2nd place. Congrats, Mikey Hynes, Galius Babonas & Nicholas Lynch!

12120203_1245145885511954_2102823167743086364_o (1)

MAG Team Level 3 – 3rd place. Great job, Jack Lynott, Ronan Zaletel & Keelan Coffey!

12109916_1245146008845275_6135875116532262348_o (1)

A massive congrats to all the boys and their fabulous coaches, Jill McCullough, Eoin Shimizu and Roisin Coillins. And also a big thanks to all the parents who support our gym through out the year. We could not have done without you!


Level 0
Daniel McGrath
Bronze – Vault
Level 2
Galius Babonas
Silver – Floor
Silver – P-Bars
Bronze – Pommel
Silver – Vault
Mikey Hynes
Silver – Pommel
Bronze – Rings
Nicholas Lynch
Gold – Rings
Bronze – Floor
Level 3
Ronan Zaletel
Bronze – Pommel

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Women`s Artistic National Results

We are very proud to announce the results of a great weekend of gymnastics!

Our WAG teams did amazing work this weekend and we are thrilled with the results.

In the Plus Teams our girls (Aisling Fuller, Daniela Goluba, Emma Slevin, Jane Heffernan, Kate Molloy and Sarah Hynes) excelled taking the Gold medal place on the podium with a fantastic team score of 145.10!


Our Intermediate Teams girls (Anna Kidd, Grace Haugh, Kate Kidd, Rosalie Hynes, Ruth Mahon and Sofia Magnetti) fought hard performing some of their personal best routines in a tough competition. The girls secured a Fourth place position with a score of 138.633.


Well done to those girls who were absolutely fantastic!

On Sunday our gymnasts competed in the Level 6-9 and Plus Levels 6-9 Apparatus Finals. Brilliant work Aisling Fuller, Blathnaid Higgins, Caoimhe Donohoe, Daniela Goluba, Emma Slevin, Jane Heffernan, Kate Molloy, Miriam Fuller, Rosalie Hynes, Sarah Hynes, and Siofra Molloy.

And a massive thanks to their coaches who have been working together with them to make this possible. Our fantastic WAG coaches are Sally Batley, Dale Moylan, Samantha Marciano, Ceire Higgins, Elaine Ryan, Giacomo Camiciotti and Cherie Worthington-Eyre.

Pictures from Hello Deer Media and our supportive coaches and parents.

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Level 8
Rosalie Hynes:
Gold – Vault and Floor

Siofra Molloy:
Gold – Bars
Silver – Floor
Level 6+
Blathnaid Higgins:
Gold – Floor
Silver – Vault
Caoimhe Donohoe:
Bronze – Range and ConditioningMiriam Fuller:
Silver – Range and Conditioning
Level 7+ Under 13
Daniela Goluba:
Silver – Bars, Floor, and Loop Bars
Gold – Beam and Range and Conditioning
Jane Heffernan:
Bronze – Bars, and Floor
Silver – Range and Conditioning
Gold – Loop Bar
Kate Molloy:
Bronze – Range and Conditioning and Loop Bars
Silver – Beam
Gold – Bars
Level 7+ Over 13
Sarah Hynes:
Silver – Vault, Beam, Range and Conditioning and Loop Bars
Gold – Floor
Level 8+
Emma Slevin:
Silver – Bars and Vault
Gold – Beam, Floor and Range and Conditioning
Aisling Fuller:
Silver – Beam, Floor and Range
Gold – Vault and Bars

Woman’s Nationals 2015

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After a total roller coaster of a weekend we are delighted to say there were some great results achieved, gymnasts you can be proud of yourselves, we are very proud of you all!!

National Team Silver for 2015!!!


All Around

Minor Bronze – Emma Slevin

Junior Champion – Emmmeline Anghileri

Junior Bronze  – Sarah Hynes


Followed by a busy day of apparatus finals!


Minor Silver – Emma Slevin



Minor Bronze – Aisling Fuller

Junior Champion – Sarah Hynes

Junior Bronze – Amy O’neill

11262236_642693429165892_2676182993459529700_n 11200576_642693449165890_3044950639833090315_n


Minor Silver – Aisling Fuller

Minor Bronze – Emma Slevin

Junior Champion – Emmeline Anghileri

Junior Silver – Sarah Hynes

10924765_642693352499233_1973673456958961926_n 10409768_642693312499237_5542539281656932220_n


Junior Champion – Emmeline Anghileri

Junior Bronze – Emer Shimizu


Big thanks to our super team of coaches who dedicated themselves diligently to achieve those results: Sally Batley, Elaine Ryan, Sadhbh Sheahan, Ariel Edesess, Dale Moylan and Carla Gale-Parks.

Also big thank you to some of our coaches who were working hard as judges this weekend, including, Ceire Higgins, Dale Moylan and Sadhbh Sheahan.

Super work team! Well done!!!