Thanks all for a great night out at the Table Quiz!

It was really great to see such a big turnout both from within the Club Community and personal friends/family. The entire night cost us nothing. We ended up with lots of spot prizes – more than we had planned to give out as we received generous donations from parents who could not make it and many brought prizes directly to the venue too. Quite a few kids though have asked if we can run a children’s table quiz so I think we really need to consider that…Watch this space 😉

THANK YOU: Coaches, parents, friends and family who participated in the quiz on the night and purchased tickets for the raffle. Parents who made contributions of money or spot prizes for the night. All who helped out on the night. Crowes Bar who facilitated the quiz – setting the questions, calling the questions, providing free finger food and venue. Gymnasts for bringing home the news of the event and without whom we would have no reason to have such a social night out.

Thanks again from the Fundraising Committee:
Sylvia, Michelle, Mary, Martha

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