Normal Hours Have Resumed for RGC Drop-In Classes!

New Term has Started for Parent and Toddler, Teen Gym and Adult Gym!

See here for more information about Parent and Toddler!

See here for more information about Teen Gym “Gymnastics After Dark”!

See here for more information about Adult Gym!

We hope everyone had a lovely summer and can’t wait to see ye again!

Normal Term Times and Costs:

Parent and Toddler:

Tuesdays: from 10:30am – 12:30pm

Thursdays: from 11:00am – 1:00pm


10 – Annual Membership

4 – per class per child

See here for more information!

Teen Gym:

Mondays: from 7-9pm

Fridays: from 8-10pm


20 – Annual Membership

8.50 per class or 10 classes for 75

See here for more information!

Adult Gym:

Mondays: from 8-10pm

Wednesdays: from 8-10pm


25 – Annual Membership

10 per class or 75 for 10 classes

See here for more information!

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