Renmore Tumblers Haul home 24 medals in Tumble league final 2013!!

12 of our tumblers competed in the last of a 4 leg league last weekend in Clondalkin and came home with an impressive haul of 24 medals between them, winning many individual and team titles!

The over 15 team consisting of Emma Greene, Darragh Moane and Dean Murray had a tough day of competition as they were trying new difficult runs. Emma competed her double tuck nicely to take an overall silver individually for the whole league! Darragh competed for the first time ever, his double tuck, twice! He competed it in both runs preceded by a flic first and then a whip and took the individual Gold medal for that Clondalkin league being the only competitor to compete two double somersaults!! Dean was unlucky on the day but competed a very clean 2nd pass and scored nicely for his team.

Our two under 15 teams battled it out against each other once again as they have been doing all year throughout the league and team A (Hugo Kinahan, Emer Shimizu, Nicole Shaw and Patrick Flanagan) came out on top this time, taking the team gold in that league! Hugo also took the individual gold medal competing his double tuck for the first time ever and nailing it!! Emer competed two fabulous runs to take the individual silver!! Patrick competed 2 very clean runs also which helped his team take the gold and unfortunately Nicole was not able to compete this league due to an on-going arm injury but she was an important team member throughout the league! The other team however were not to be forgotten, and team B (Gracie Colleran, Aisling Connaughton, and Sarah Hynes) won the overall League team Gold with each of the team members taking also an individual overall league gold, silver and bronze respectively!! Gracie also took the 3rd place individual medal next to Emer and Hugo on the podium for that particular league competing her whip for the first time!!

Our under 12 team (Kim-Li loke, Maya Banerjee, and Éanna Ó hEannaigh) did fantastic and took both the team gold for that league and the overall league team gold. Kim-Li then also won the overall individual gold for the 4 leagues and the individual gold for that league. Maya won the overall individual 4 league bronze and the silver individually for that league! Éanna competed his new more difficult runs with a whip for the first time and did so brilliantly!

These tumblers have worked really hard over the past year and deserve every success! They are a fantastic team who have fun together, support and cheer for each other and look out for each other! They will be starting in a new league in November!!

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Summary of Results:

Under 12

Kim-Li Loke: GOLD Clondalkin league (individual)

GOLD Clondalkin league (team)

GOLD Overall league (individual)

GOLD Overall league (team)

Maya Banerjee: SILVER Clondalkin league (individual)

GOLD Clondalkin league (team)

BRONZE overall league (individual)

GOLD Overall league (team)

Éanna Ó hEannaigh: GOLD Clondalkin league (team)

GOLD Overall league (team)

Under 15

Patrick Flanagan: GOLD Clondalkin league (team)

Hugo Kinahan: GOLD Clondalkin (Team)

GOLD Clondalkin (individual)

Emer Shimizu: GOLD Clondalkin (Team)

SILVER Clondalkin (individual)

Gracie Colleran: GOLD Overall league (team)

GOLD Overall league (individual)

BRONZE Clondalkin league (individual)

Sarah Hynes: GOLD Overall league (team)

BRONZE Overall league (individual)

Aisling Connaughton: GOLD Overall league (team)

SILVER overall league (individual)

Over 15

Darragh Moane: GOLD Clondalkin league (individual)

Emma Greene: SILVER Overall league (individual)

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