Tumbling Nationals 2016

Last weekend the Renmore tumblers went to UL to compete in the national tumbling championships 2016 and did us proud yet again, taking home numerous national titles and silver medals too!!

In the regional two, 11/12yrs, Cillian O Donovan was crowned national champion, after performing his two runs as neatly as he could to beat his score from qualifiers!! Cillian works so hard and just keeps improving!! We can’t wait to see what he does at nationals next year!! He is one to watch!!!

In the NDP 2, 8,9,10yrs, Gavin Hartnett was crowned national champion with his very dynamic and neat runs, and Cillian Kelly took the silver medal! Both boys worked very hard over the last few months and are looking forward to upping their difficulty for next years competition season! These pocket rockets are two boys to watch in the future!!

In the 11/12yrs, Lillian Kavanagh took a truly deserved silver medal with her outstanding runs, and Cliona McLaughlin places 4th, just missing out on a medal minimally after a little step on landing a very dynamic tumble pass! Both girls were fantastic on the day in what proved to be a very tough competition with a very high standard!
Éanna performed a very impressive 5whjps flic straight back and 5whips flic full twist to take the 11/12yrs national age group title, and qualified for an open finals against gymnasts much older than him where he fought hard and pulled out his double twist on the end! He was superb and takes another national title home with him this year!

Hugo Kinahan performed a massive whips to flic double pike and whips to flic double tuck to take the national 15/16 age group title, followed closely by Cian Hayes who took silver with his new runs of whips to flic straight and whips to flic full.

Both boys qualified for finals where Hugo became national junior tumbling champion!!!


Cian wowed judges who realised he only started tumbling last year and already has placed himself amongst the best tumblers in the country!

Both boys were outstanding and their dedication of travelling from Limerick to Galway to train is really paying off!

Molly nightingale won the senior FIG title as well as winning the overall highest tumbling score in the final to become crowned as “Overall tumbling champion 2016”
Molly had to leave before presentations to study for a college exam the following morning but her dedication and travel from Tralee to train during the week is really paying off!!

All of our tumblers are doing amazing and Elaine is thrilled to work with such a fantastic bunch of children and young adults every day! Well done to everybody on a very successful national championships!

We also would like to congratulate and thank Elaine for all her hard work throughout the year. She does an amazing job and our tumbling team is certainly fabulous!

Many of our tumblers will compete in our club competition on June 5th for further competition experience!

The tumbling team has a very exciting summer ahead with a trip to one of the world’s best tumbling clubs in the UK planned as well as a visit from one of the world’s top tumbling coaches all the way from Russia!

Watch this space for more from our tumbling team!!

Tumbling Competition Results

Tumbling national qualifiers
23rd April 2016
Huge congratulations to eleven of our tumblers who competed in UL today in the qualifiers for national tumbling finals!
In the regional two, 8-10 years, Mia Rodgers showed off all her hard work to take a well deserved gold medal, followed by her team mate Aisling Carey who also did fantastic and took  the silver medal!
Cillian O Donovan was outstanding in regional two 11/12 years and took gold for the second year running!


Taking a big jump from last year, both Cillian Kelly and Gavin Hartnett took gold and silver respectively in the 8-10years NDP2, both with very strong performances!!
In the NDP 11/12 years, Cliona Mc Laughlin somersaulted herself to a silver medal and Lillian Kavanagh had the highest score in her first run but was unlucky with a little error in her second. Both girls have jumped two levels since last year and were absolutely fantastic!
In the national age groups, 11/12 years, Éanna ó hÉannaigh took another gold for his collection with the highest difficulty in his age group.


Hugo Kinahan wowed the audience with his speed and style taking gold in the 15/16 followed in silver position by Cian Hayes who has only been tumbling for little over a year!
Molly nightingale finished the day and took the senior gold medal of the competition!
Elaine is extremely proud of the whole team and they return to their tumble tracks for training on Monday to continue the hard work that never stops!!
And the RGC is very grateful and proud for having such a wonderful tumbling coach, dedicated athletes and supportive parents who often drive a long distance and make time for the tumbling training. Thanks all for being such a fabulous team!
“Ad Altiora”!!!!!


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Congratulations to the tumbling team who competed at their first competition of the season on Saturday!
For our development Tumbling Squad this was their first ever competition and they really did us all proud!
Cillian O’Donovan won the gold in the Regional 1 8-10yrs category, Cillian Kelly won the silver in the Regional 2 8-10yrs category and Cliona mc Laughlin won the bronze in the Regional 2, 11-12yrs category, all groups with massive competition from all over the country!
The more advanced Tumbling Squad had some superb performances, with all of our tumblers winning either the gold or silver medals!
Here starts a busy season for our fantastic tumbling team!!

For more pictures and videos, please visit our Facebook page.

Best of luck to Dean, Darragh, Hugo and their Amazing Coach Elaine off to the Tumbling World Championship

Darragh,Hugo and Dean
Darragh,Hugo and Dean

Dean, Darragh and Hugo are in the final preparation stages this week, before hitting the sky for Daytona Beach, Florida to take on the world, at the Tumbling World Championships 2014. The boys have worked extremely hard over the past few years for this event and we wish them all the best for next weeks competition. More information including live feeds can be found on http://www.ttworlds.com

Renmore Tumblers Haul home 24 medals in Tumble league final 2013!!

12 of our tumblers competed in the last of a 4 leg league last weekend in Clondalkin and came home with an impressive haul of 24 medals between them, winning many individual and team titles!

The over 15 team consisting of Emma Greene, Darragh Moane and Dean Murray had a tough day of competition as they were trying new difficult runs. Emma competed her double tuck nicely to take an overall silver individually for the whole league! Darragh competed for the first time ever, his double tuck, twice! He competed it in both runs preceded by a flic first and then a whip and took the individual Gold medal for that Clondalkin league being the only competitor to compete two double somersaults!! Dean was unlucky on the day but competed a very clean 2nd pass and scored nicely for his team.

Our two under 15 teams battled it out against each other once again as they have been doing all year throughout the league and team A (Hugo Kinahan, Emer Shimizu, Nicole Shaw and Patrick Flanagan) came out on top this time, taking the team gold in that league! Hugo also took the individual gold medal competing his double tuck for the first time ever and nailing it!! Emer competed two fabulous runs to take the individual silver!! Patrick competed 2 very clean runs also which helped his team take the gold and unfortunately Nicole was not able to compete this league due to an on-going arm injury but she was an important team member throughout the league! The other team however were not to be forgotten, and team B (Gracie Colleran, Aisling Connaughton, and Sarah Hynes) won the overall League team Gold with each of the team members taking also an individual overall league gold, silver and bronze respectively!! Gracie also took the 3rd place individual medal next to Emer and Hugo on the podium for that particular league competing her whip for the first time!!

Our under 12 team (Kim-Li loke, Maya Banerjee, and Éanna Ó hEannaigh) did fantastic and took both the team gold for that league and the overall league team gold. Kim-Li then also won the overall individual gold for the 4 leagues and the individual gold for that league. Maya won the overall individual 4 league bronze and the silver individually for that league! Éanna competed his new more difficult runs with a whip for the first time and did so brilliantly!

These tumblers have worked really hard over the past year and deserve every success! They are a fantastic team who have fun together, support and cheer for each other and look out for each other! They will be starting in a new league in November!!

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Summary of Results:

Under 12

Kim-Li Loke: GOLD Clondalkin league (individual)

GOLD Clondalkin league (team)

GOLD Overall league (individual)

GOLD Overall league (team)

Maya Banerjee: SILVER Clondalkin league (individual)

GOLD Clondalkin league (team)

BRONZE overall league (individual)

GOLD Overall league (team)

Éanna Ó hEannaigh: GOLD Clondalkin league (team)

GOLD Overall league (team)

Under 15

Patrick Flanagan: GOLD Clondalkin league (team)

Hugo Kinahan: GOLD Clondalkin (Team)

GOLD Clondalkin (individual)

Emer Shimizu: GOLD Clondalkin (Team)

SILVER Clondalkin (individual)

Gracie Colleran: GOLD Overall league (team)

GOLD Overall league (individual)

BRONZE Clondalkin league (individual)

Sarah Hynes: GOLD Overall league (team)

BRONZE Overall league (individual)

Aisling Connaughton: GOLD Overall league (team)

SILVER overall league (individual)

Over 15

Darragh Moane: GOLD Clondalkin league (individual)

Emma Greene: SILVER Overall league (individual)

National Tumbling Finals at UL – Truly Impressive Results RGC!!

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Tumbling Results

Last weekend twenty-seven tumblers from Renmore Gymnastics took part in the National Tumbling Finals in Universirty of Limerick and came home with twenty-one medals and a trophy, consisting of twelve gold, four silver, five bronze and the overall national female champion title.

In the Level 1, 8,9,10 girls category, Síofra Davis won silver followed closely by her team mate Grace Haugh in bronze, and in the boys, Tom Kidd took the gold. In the girls elite 8,9,10 category, Renmore took the three podium spots with Emma Slevin in 1st, Kate Molloy in 2nd and Jane Heffernan in 3rd and elite boys, Éanna ó hEannaigh took the gold.
In Level 1, 13+ Rosalie Hynes toom a well deserved gold medal in a very tough competition.

In Level 2, 11-12 girls category, Alex-Marie McDonagh performed beautifully to take gold medal position with her team mate Aisling Connaughton taking bronze!

The rest of Renmore’s competitors competed in the elite stream. In Elite Boys 11-12, Hugo Kinehan who travels an hour and a half each direction from Cratloe, Co.Clare to train took gold after a great performance and his team mate Carrigh Murphy fought through illness to secure the bronze for himself.

Elite girls 11-12 again took a clean sweep with Sarah Hynes and Grace Colleran (who also travels all the way from Co.Clare to train) took a joint gold and after watching these girls compete it would be near impossible to seperate the two fantastic performances!! Maya Banarjee then took the remaining bronze after performing more difficult passes than her team mates which were of a very high standard for her age!

Elite boys 13-14, Darragh Moane of Raheen, Co.Limerick who also travels long distance to train under his Renmore coach took gold and maintains his unbeaten record at Nationals from the age of 8. Patrick Flanagan took the silver after an outstanding performance. Elite girls 13-14, Nicole Shaw and Emer Shimizu took gold and silver respectively after fabulous tumble passes!!

Elite boys 15-15 Dean Murray took gold and in the 15-16 girls Emma Greene took gold. Both these tumblers are training towards international competitions over the next few months and did fantastic competing very difficult tumble passes of very high standard.

Some of our tumblers were unlucky not to medal and were in very tough categories with big competition but still performed excently and all competed new, more difficult tumble passes than their last competition. These were Síofra Molloy, Anna Kidd, Aoife Walsh, Nicola Lawless, Eimear Flanagan, and Kim-Li Loke.

Finally the judges announced the finalists which consisted of the top six girls and top six boys between all levels and all age-groups of the day who would go head to head in the final with one shot to win the overall title of National Tumbling Champion of Ireland!
Renmore took ten of the available twelve spots in the finals and whilst the boys were beaten by a strong and experienced 17+ boy from the south, the girls held strong and after a tough battle with everybody giving their very best, Renmore’s Sarah Hynes took the title of Female National Tumbling Champion!! This was a massive achievement and a first for the club!! The rest of the finalists did fantastic but throughout the day every Renmore tumbler shone, looking strong and happy on the tumble track!!

Hard work and persistance pays off!! Well Done Renmore Tumblers!!

Last week’s Tumbling League at RGC

Last weekend fifteen gymnasts from the RGC tumble squad took part in the Gymnastics Ireland Tumble League hosted at home in Renmore. This is a team and individual event and team scores are carried from league to league with an overall winner at the end.
There are individual gold, silver and bronze medal winners in each level and a team gold ONLY given to the winning team at each league.

Renmore missed the first league so this was their first league. There were four teams from Renmore and all teams competed in the highest level category called national age groups which is based on the same rules as world age group championships.

The first team consisting of Emma Greene, Darragh Moane an Dean Murray won the team gold in their over 15 category and came 1st, 2nd and 3rd respectively in the individual placings. Darragh Moane bravely competing in an age group above his actual age group to fulfill our team score.

In the under 15 category, Renmore had two teams entered and unfortunately there was only one gold medal to contend for in the team competition so the two teams went head on head in a battle for the gold! The team consisting of Carraigh Murphy, Gracie Colleran, Sarah Hynes and Aisling Connaughton took the team gold. They were followed closely by only 0.1 less on the team score by the other Renmore team consisting of Hugo Kinehan, Patrick Flanagan, Nicole Shaw and Emer Shimizu who all competed new and difficult tumble passes!! In the under 15‘s individual placings Renmore took another clean sweep with Hugo Kinehan taking gold after his best performance to date, Gracie Colleran in 2nd and Aisling Connaughton in 3rd.

Finally our fourth team in the league were our very young and inexperienced under 12 team consisting of Tom Kidd, Maya Banarjee, Kim-li Loke and Eanna O Heanaigh. Eanna was also competing an age group above his actual age group to be part of a team. This team won the team gold. Individually Kim-li took the silver and Maya took the bronze. The two boys, after jumping four levels from their last competition, competed very difficult tumble passes and did very well in this national age group category!!

A huge thank you to all the parents who helped out on the day and to those who came to support!!

These tumblers are now in the middle of preparations for national finals on the 19th May and following that, their annual GYMFEST display!!!!!

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Elaine tells us about the October 27th National Tumbling Finals

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On the 27th of October, 35 gymnasts from Renmore Gymnastics travelled to Co.Meath for the national tumbling finals and brought home with them a whopping 27 medals! The day started with the regional 2 level girls and boys. For all of these gymnasts, this was their first ever tumbling competition and most had only just learned these new skills in time to compete.The competition was tough, and everyone performed with class!

In the 8,9,10 girls Aoife Walsh performed outstandingly to take the gold with the highest score of all regional 2 age-groups, with Carrie Joyce and Grace Haugh also doing very well. The boys in this age group were Tom Kidd and Eanna O Heanaigh who took the gold and silver respectively.

In 11-12 category, Eimear Flanagan took bronze with Anna Kidd, Natasha Johnson and Siofra Molloy not far behind, and Nicola Lawless took a well deserved gold in the 13-14 age group.

This brought us to the NDP Level 1. Once again this was a first tumbling competition for all but one of our gymnasts and everyone did fantastic. In the girls 8,9,10 category, Daniela Goluba took the gold, with Kim-Li Loke taking silver. Maya Banarjee was unlucky to fall on a landing but made her coaches very proud with her ability to deal with the disappointment of falling and perform so well in the other skills. In the 11-12 girls, Gracie Colleran took gold with the highest score across all categories and age-groups of the day!!, and in the 13+ Jenny Cunningham took silver with Rosalie Hynes only 0.75 behind her. In the boys NDP 1 11-12, Carrigh Murphy executed very clean passes and took the gold medal.

On to the NDP Level 2 where Aisling Fullar walked away with the gold medal earning the highest score across all age-groups of NDP 2, and Alex-Marie McDonagh was unlucky to miss out on the medals but performed a fantastic 2nd run. In NDP 3 the Shimizu sisters topped the medal count with Emer taking the gold in the 11-12 age group and Erin taking gold in the 13+ age group.

The competition then went onto the age-group championships where the tumblers could chose to do “free passes” which must be consisting of 8 FIG elements and perform their skills of choice completing longer, slightly more difficult passes. In the 8,9,10 category Kate Molloy nailed her 2 runs and took a well deserved gold with Emma Slevin taping up a sore foot to yet still, power down the track and take silver and Jane Heffernan after an unlucky first pass took bronze. It was the girls first ever tumbling competition also, and we were very proud of them! In the 11-12 girls, Sarah Hynes took gold with almost flawless tumble passes, at her first ever tumbling competition, with Amy O Neill taking silver having successfully completed 2 new and difficult tumbling passes and Roisin Curran took bronze with an unlucky first pass. In the boys 11-12 Hugo Kinahan took yet another gold medal!

Finally the day ended with the NDP Level 6, which on this occasion was the most difficult category. In the 13-14 girls, our two buddies Nicole Shaw and Emma Greene were up against each other. Nicole took Gold and Emma happily took the silver, both fighting hadr and doing very well. In the boys 13-14’s Darragh Moane performed amazingly and took yet another gold medal to add to his collection, remaining unbeaten at National championships since he was 8 years old. Patrick Flanagan held the nerves at bay and took silver with 2 very difficult new passes, and Dean Murray took Bronze having decided to compete the highest difficulty skill of the day, his newly learned double tuck, but was unlucky not to land. In the 15+ girls, Becky O Donnell after 3 and a half years in retirement made a come-back to take gold and Niamh Ashmore took bronze, also competing new skills for the first time ever.

In total the club took 15 gold, 7 silver and 5 bronze medals with everyone including the non-medalists doing themselves and the club very proud. Most importantly everybody went out there, did their best, supported their team-mates and had fun! Well done everybody, we are extremely proud of you!!


Tomorrow’s Rhythmic and Tumbling Championships – Information and Directions

The 2012 National Rhythmic Championships and Open and the 2012 National Tumbling Championships will now be held in Gormanston College Sports Complex on the 27th October.

If anyone has booked accommodation and would like to move closer to the Gormanston venue a deal has been set-up with City North Hotel. Use the quote “Gymnastics Ireland” to receive a rate of 69 per room per night.

However if you are booked in to the Crowne Plaza Dundalk, a bus will depart there at 8.45am sharp to bring people to the venue for 9.20am. If you wish to avail of this service please confirm your place as soon as possible.


Gormanstown College Sports Complex

Gormonston Franciscan College

Co. Meath
Ph:+353 1 8412203

Traveling on the M1, heading North or South.

  • From the M1 take Exit 6 for Balbriggan and Naul
  • As you come off the ramp, turn East towards Balbriggan onto the R122
  • About 2 km ahead there is a large roundabout; go straight through the roundabout
  • Immediately on exiting the roundabout turn left onto the L1130 for Gormanston
  • Continue straight for about 3 km. The main entrance to Gormanston College is on your left, marked by a mosaic of St Francis
  • Follow the driveway and after passing the castle on the left, turn right to the main entrance to the College

Best of luck Renmore Gymnasts!