Alan Cheevers visits Renmore Gymnastics

Alan Cheevers with RGC Coach Samantha Marciano
Alan Cheevers with RGC Coach Samantha Marciano

Galway East candidate Alan Cheevers visited Renmore Gymnastics today. He was surprised to discover our 8,000 square foot warehouse kitted out for gymnastics training.

“I’m really impressed”, Mr. Cheevers said, “this is a club which I hadn’t been aware of and ye are doing great work.”

In the personal details of his political profile, Alan expresses a particular interest in sports. and is already involved in several other local clubs. He declares, “in a sporting capacity, I hope to see myself more actively involved in sporting clubs in the east side of the city.”

He came to the right place today. Renmore Gymnastics Club, which has maintained a low profile over the past few years, is one of the largest sports clubs in and around Galway, with well over 700 members attending weekly training.

“Being involved in sports is good for young people, especially from health and social perspectives”, Mr. Cheevers said. “I really admire the work Renmore Gymnastics Club is doing in bringing young people into sport, and keeping them involved. If I am elected this club will definitely be on my radar.”

Alan Cheevers is looking for votes from constituents in Galway East, and has invited RGC member families to visit his page on Facebook.

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