John Walsh and Brian Walsh TD visit RGC

Our political visitors to the training centre this week were local election candidate John Walsh who was accompanied by Brian Walsh TD. The two brothers were greeted by Carol and coach Sam, before receiving a full tour of the training centre. They also had a chance to meet with head coach Sally who had just returned from the European Gymnastics Championships.

John Walsh (right) visiting Renmore Gymnastics with his brother Brian Walsh TD, shown here with Head Coach Sally Batley
John Walsh (right) visiting Renmore Gymnastics with his brother Brian Walsh TD, shown here with Head Coach Sally Batley

Asked what were his impressions with our setup, here’s what John had to say,

Over the past 8 weeks of campaigning I’ve met a lot of people talking about Renmore Gymnastics, and I kept imagining a small club meeting weekly in the community centre. But this is something different altogether. This is really something special. As someone who is very involved with local sports clubs, I am genuinely impressed with what’s happening here, from both the participation and sports excellence perspective. This is a real asset for Galway City and County, and if I am elected on May 23rd, I will put Renmore Gymnastics Club front and centre with the community groups that I promote.

Whatever happens, I must commend the coaches, staff, and volunteers on what you are doing for the children and for the Galway community. You’ve obviously done a remarkable job until now. Keep up the good work!

John and Brian, thank you for coming to see what we’re doing! We are working hard to make gymnastics an integral part of sports in Galway, and to raise the standard of Irelands’ gymnasts so that we can take a meaningful place on the world stage.

Renmore Gymnastics welcomes visitors who are interested in helping us to achieve our goals. If you think you can help, don’t hesitate to get in touch by sending an email to

Senator Ronan Mullen visits Renmore Gymnastics

Having heard about the current “Free Tours for Politicians” offer at Renmore Gymnastics, Independent candidate for Europe, Senator Ronan Mullen paid us a visit on Wednesday. We were delighted to have him.

Senator Ronan Mullen at Renmore Gymnastics with coach Anastasija and supporter Treasa
Senator Ronan Mullen at Renmore Gymnastics with coach Anastasija and supporter Treasa

“We live in a time where children are suffering ill health effects from lack of exercise. Where clubs have a proven track record of providing high quality recreational and competitive sports programmes, I’m all in favour of supporting that with funding at the local, national, and European levels. In fairness, Ireland invests well in sports, I think it’s also worth broadening our perspective to encourage a wide range of sports, as well as the traditional GAA, soccer, rugby and so forth. It’s quite clear to me after visiting Renmore that gymnastics is good for children.”

Thanks for coming to visit our club, Ronan! It’s great to see one of the candidates for Europe take an interest in what we are doing!

Cllr. Terry O’Flaherty visits RGC

Independent local candidate Cllr. Terry O’Flaherty visited the gymnastics training centre during the week. Terry had heard about the hundreds of children and adults coming for gymnastics training each week, and wanted to see for herself.

We were pleased to have Terry visit the club, and we gave her “the schpeel” about the our growth and achievements over the years, current challenges, and future aspirations.

Local election candidate Cllr Terry O'Flaherty has a go on the beam with coach Maire assisting.
Local election candidate Cllr Terry O’Flaherty has a go on the beam with coach Maire assisting.

“One of the parents in the club contacted me by phone and told me of the work you are doing. I’m very aware of health problems associated with lack of exercise. When I was young children had much more exercise than they do now. Even walking back and forth to school would put on a couple of miles each day. Childhood obesity is a real problem now, largely because children aren’t getting those same opportunities to exercise.”

“What I found at Renmore Gymnastics was a wonderful area fully equipped for girls and boys to safely practice the sport of gymnastics. There was so much happening there. Really the minister for Sport needs to be invited out to see what’s happening there. It’s remarkable.”

Thanks for coming to visit us Terry!

Galway City Manager and Councillor visit RGC

Last week we were delighted to have Councillor Declan McDonnell as our guest to the gymnastics training centre. (Read about his previous visit).

The work Renmore Gymnastics is doing for Galway is outstanding“, he had said during that visit, “and deserves to be recognised. I’d really like the City Manager to see this for himself.

This week we were over the moon when Declan rang to say he was returning with the City Manager.

Brendan McGrath and Cllr. Declan McDonnell at RGC
Brendan McGrath and Cllr. Declan McDonnell at RGC

Like most first time visitors to the training centre, Mr. McGrath was impressed.

I’d heard some things about Renmore Gymnastics“, he said, “but I wasn’t expecting this.”

Over the next half hour, we showed our visitors through all parts of the gym, and told him everything about our club: how we’d outgrown the community centre, and how we’ve continued to grow until now, and how we could continue to grow further had we more space. We told him about our amazing staff of 3 full time and 15 part time coaches, and Carol Hynes, our administrator who holds it all together. We told him that we’d recently applied for planning permission, and that with the building now up for sale by the landlord, there was some uncertainty.

Brendan expressed much interest in what we are doing. He asked many questions, and requested a tour of the upstairs. By the time his visit was over, there was one thing he knew for certain: gymnastics is good for children – it’s an important sport in Galway, and we would like to see it included in the Galway City Strategic Plan.

Thank you, City Manager  Brendan McGrath for coming to visit us. And thank you Declan McDonnell for bringing him!

Margo Kelly visits Renmore Gymnastics

Local elections Fine Gael candidate Margo Kelly paid a visit to Renmore Gymnastics earlier this week. Margo was accompanied by her husband Liam and their two grown sons, and by former TD Padraic McCormack.

Margo Kelly and Padraic McCormack at RGC, May 2014, shown with coaches Sam Marciano and Dale Moylan.
Margo Kelly and Padraic McCormack at RGC, May 2014, shown with coaches Sam Marciano and Dale Moylan.

“It’s great to see what Renmore Gymnastics is doing”, Margo said, “I am very impressed with your setup. If elected i will certainly be offering your club support in any dealings with the City Council.”

Thanks, Margo, for taking time out of a busy pre-election schedule to come and see what we are up to!


Cllr. Declan McDonnell visits Renmore Gymnastics Club

Independent local election candidate Cllr. Declan McDonnell paid a visit to our club on Thursday, May 8th. Here’s what he had to say:

I was delighted to visit the Renmore Gymnastics training centre today at Unit 8 Racecourse Park. It was lovely to see your club in action, and I’m honoured to be one of your local representatives.

Independent local election candidate Cllr. Declan McDonnell with Renmore Gymnastics Club head coach, Sally Batley

From my own experience in developing the sports centre in Mervue, I appreciate both your undertaking and your vision. I hope I am able to be of assistance to you, both in the present situation, and also in helping you in your long term goal to establish a purpose built gymnastics training centre in Galway.

I understand that you are currently providing as many as 1500 sports training hours each week. This is a massive achievement. Any sport which is catering to so many hundreds of children must be supported by volunteers, obviously, but is also worthy of funding.

I am very interested in helping your club to achieve the sports funding required to ensure continued growth and success. I will investigate the schemes which I think may be of financial assistance to RGC, and guide you in obtaining access to them.

Thank you, Declan, for taking the time to come and visit our club. We wish you well in the local election, and hope to see you back again soon. Remember, our adult gymnastics classes run every Monday and Wednesday, 8-10pm! These are operated on a pay-as-you-go basis, and are open to anyone 18+ whether beginner or advanced. See you there?

Alan Cheevers visits Renmore Gymnastics

Alan Cheevers with RGC Coach Samantha Marciano
Alan Cheevers with RGC Coach Samantha Marciano

Galway East candidate Alan Cheevers visited Renmore Gymnastics today. He was surprised to discover our 8,000 square foot warehouse kitted out for gymnastics training.

“I’m really impressed”, Mr. Cheevers said, “this is a club which I hadn’t been aware of and ye are doing great work.”

In the personal details of his political profile, Alan expresses a particular interest in sports. and is already involved in several other local clubs. He declares, “in a sporting capacity, I hope to see myself more actively involved in sporting clubs in the east side of the city.”

He came to the right place today. Renmore Gymnastics Club, which has maintained a low profile over the past few years, is one of the largest sports clubs in and around Galway, with well over 700 members attending weekly training.

“Being involved in sports is good for young people, especially from health and social perspectives”, Mr. Cheevers said. “I really admire the work Renmore Gymnastics Club is doing in bringing young people into sport, and keeping them involved. If I am elected this club will definitely be on my radar.”

Alan Cheevers is looking for votes from constituents in Galway East, and has invited RGC member families to visit his page on Facebook.

Noel Larkin and Senator Fidelma Healy Eames visit RGC

Politically Correct Gymnastics

At Renmore Gymnastics we are always happy to show interested people what we are doing and talk about why we are doing it. We were delighted yesterday to welcome Senator Fidelma Healy Eames and Galway City East independent candidate Noel Larkin to the training centre on Monday April 14th. Our visitors are shown above with Coach Samantha Marciano who heads up our recreational programme.

Neither Senator Healy Eames nor Mr. Larkin had previously seen the training centre, and were intrigued to discover our secret hideout where as many as 700 children attend gymnastics training each week. During their visit they asked about the background and growth of the club over the past number of years, and were treated to viewing some advanced gymnastics skills thanks to the girls’ and boys’ squads who were in for Easter-Break training.

Noel Larkin, Managing Director of Larkin Engineering, and a longtime resident of Welpark Grove, explained that one of his main political concerns is reducing the amount of money “wasted” at a local level. He cited overspend in the recent renovations of Eyre Square as an example of unnecessary overspending.

“We will be much better off”, Mr. Larkin said, “if we spend our money more prudently, always being careful that we are using it to improve the living conditions in our beautiful City”.

He said Renmore Gymnastics shows a good example of a small budget making a big impact to people’s lives, and a positive benefit to the local economy through job creation.

Politicians of any flavour are welcome to visit us and find out what’s going on. Send an email to to arrange for a tour. Hopefully we’ll be able to organise a time when the training centre is busy, because that’s when we’re at our best. And by the time you leave you’ll understand why we’re doing it: because gymnastics is good for children.