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The gallery will expire on 2nd July 2018.

Once again, big tanks to all our members, we hope both our gymnasts and parents enjoyed the competition on Sunday and had fun. We want to say a huge thanks to all who donated prizes and baked goods for our stands, to all the parents who volunteered on the day from the door, the stands, minding gymnasts, moving equipment and loading and unloading the trucks. To those parents who helped out on Saturday (and Sunday) evening also with the move, the clean up of the gym and set up in Kingfisher we are very grateful. To the Rowers who were a great help with the equipment move, to Paul Fitzgerald for the use of his truck, to Liam Slevim for organizing the bricks, to Nigel Moss for sponsoring our printing, to the other dads who let us use their vans, to Jacinta and Supermacs for the vouchers, to name but a few. To our wonderful coaches and staff in RGC for all the work both in advance preparing our Fab gymnasts to all the work you put in over the weekend. To Marcus for taking fab photos and the staff in the Kingfisher for helping us out over the weekend. To the Civil Defence team – Louie, Lily, Daragh and Lauren thanks as always you put in a long day. To those we have not named we are very grateful. Once again thanks to everyone for their support without it we could not have run the event.

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