Farewell to our beloved Anastasia!

It is not so frequent in life that we get the great fortune to work amongst greatness. A chance to experience a true master of their sport, to have an opportunity to learn and absorb from them is a gift never to be taken lightly. It is with a very heavy heart that we wish farewell to our Anastasia, one of our brightest souls, someone guided by spirit and free from ego, someone that simply made our home in the gym that bit more special.

Anastasia Nirkova has worked with RGC for over a decade, her contribution to the club during this time is not possible to capture in one short farewell statement. She is truly one in a million, never was there an ask too big and we are so honoured that she invested so much of her time with us. Some of us had the great fortune to spend a lot of time with her over the years, some of us had the great pleasure of simply watching her work from across the room. All of us were positively impacted by your presence, passion and attention to detail.

I can say from experience that she put her heart and soul into her role in the club, and we are so indebted to her contributions. Anastasia helped to develop our competitive squads in the early years, it was soon after that we accepted that we could and should not keep her from her first love, rhythmic gymnastics. Over recent years she has developed the rhythmic discipline into what it is today, a wonderful squad of dedicated, disciplined and highly skilled athletes that all love what they do, and all of whom adore their coach. She may just be our most loved coach, the pied piper of gymnastics coaches… every child from tumbles tots right up to our senior WAG squads would jump at every chance they could get to do a class with her. 

Aside from her outstanding work in programme development and operational tasks Anastasia was and is many things to many people, To our youngest children she was the warm face of kindness and fun that would give them courage to come in through the door, to start their gymnastics journey. To her own squads she was the creator, the inspirator and the supporter of their realisation of goals and achievements. To many of our WAG gymnasts she was some kind of magician and the ONLY person who could really help them reach their box splits. To all of us coaches she is something of a legend, a coach with superhuman qualities… someone that would float or glide across a room with such beauty and elegance. Someone that can perform skills of such difficulty, yet make it look so effortless and mesmerising… a true master. Without doubt she was an inspirational starting point for many young gymnasts to dream big. What a privilege it was to have you on our team Anastasia. To me, I am very lucky to say she was and is also a truly great friend, I will miss you and your beautiful feet Anastasia very much 😉

We wish you so much love and luck in your next chapter of life,

Lots of love from Sally and the Team in RGC

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