RGC 1st Annual Club Competition a Great Success!

Congratulations to all the athletes who participated in the 1st Annual RGC Competition on Sunday May 11th 2014. You all did a fabulous job with your routines on the day and the coaches are VERY proud of each and every one of you!


We had over 60 gymnasts compete the level 1A routines in the morning session. For all gymnasts involved this was their first competition experience. Although battling nervous energy each gymnast successfully competed floor routines with beauty and grace. Along with floor routines each had a vault to perform too! Gymnasts sprinted down the vault strip performing powerful vault after vault! Excellent work gymnasts!


In the afternoon session we saw a mixture of some of our young level 1 club gymnasts and our older pre-teens compete the 1B and 1C routines. The gymnasts made it look easy! Performing on vault and floor with fantastic strength and agility.


Excellent work overall by all the gymnasts involved! We can’t wait to start getting ready for next year!

Good Luck getting ready for GYMFEST!


Another round of applause for all the volunteers who made the day possible. Thank you for your support, time and dedication. Without you such an event would never have been possible. Anyone interested in getting involved with next years competition please let us know.


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