Celtic Cup 2016

CELTIC Cup 2016

Better late then never I would like to inform you all about what a great job some of our Renmore WAG gymnasts did last month over in the Isle of Man for the 2016 Celtic Cup Championships!

Irish Minors:
Successfully selected onto Team Ireland for the Minors were Jane, Kate, Miriam and Emma. Joining them was Elisha from Nadia to make up the Irish Minors Team. Most of the girls representing Ireland for the 2nd year running with the exception of Emma who has now represented Ireland for the 3rd consecutive year, great achievement for such a young promising gymnast! Joining them this year for her International debut was Miriam Fuller contributing to team scores for Bars and Beam.

All the girls have worked so hard this year to compete creditable FIG routines gaining under their belts more and more of the necessary requirements that will in time see them as valid FIG gymnasts and serious contenders. The girls have upgrades on every apparatus and the objective of this event… get those new skills out in competition!

Great job to all! New elements competed by all on beam and floor and possibly most excitingly bars too! Emma competing her new bar routine with 2 new requirements amongst a few new elements and likewise for Jane, who can also cross 2 requirements off her list… mission complete… bar routines performed really well girls! Well no mistakes on the new elements… but 1 or 2 small errors on other areas keeping those bar scores down just slightly. Adding difficulty and new elements will always mean a period of transition, these elements are improving day but day, super work ladies!

Beam was not our best piece on this occasion (even though we actually had the highest team score for beam!) and every member of the team took a fall on beam, with the exception of Miriam who is really such a beautiful beam worker!

Our superstar Kate Molloy suffered an ankle injury just prior to the event so was a solid competitor for reliable routines on the day but had to hold off putting out new elements… but watch this space for Kate she’s a few things up her belt! Great job done on a fab new floor routine!

Super job by the Minors who secured the silver medal position, and well done also to Elisha for placing second overall!

Irish Juniors:
Amongst the Junior team was our very own Emer Shimizu who had a very solid performance for the day, missing only a dance series on beam which gave her score a bit of a knock, but otherwise great job on bars and vault, and also a lovely new floor routine with some upgraded tumble runs. Emer you are such a fun competitor and should very proud as like Emma, Emer has also reached her 3rd consecutive year of International Selection.

Irish Juniors returned also with the silver medal position, with super competition by Casey Bell who took the AA title and Meg Ryan for an AMAZING performance that secured her the silver AA medal and a PB score of 48.50.

Girls we are super proud of you, here are some nice pics to remember the weekend! Keep up the hard work and good luck this weekend for National Champs!

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Irish Gymnastics Teams take the bronze medal position at Celtic Cup 2015!!

Gymnasts: Kate Molloy, Emma Slevin, Sarah Hynes, Emer Shimizu, Aishling Fuller and Jane Heffernan. Coaches: Sally Batley and Elaine Ryan
Gymnasts: Kate Molloy, Emma Slevin, Sarah Hynes, Emer Shimizu, Aishling Fuller and Jane Heffernan.
Coaches: Sally Batley and Elaine Ryan
Over the weekend of April 25th 24 Irish gymnasts traveled to Wales to take part in a great battle between the Celtic nations – Wales, Scotland, Ireland, Isle of Man and Northern Ireland in the prestigious gymnastics event – ‘Celtic Cup’.
The 24 strong team, comprises of 12 girls and 12 boys of both Minor and Junior age, proudly 50% of the entire female gymnasts representing the Team Ireland were local Galway gymnasts. Selected for the Irish Minors were Kate Molloy, Aisling Fuller, Jane Heffernan and Emma Slevin who joined Dublin’s Jenny McGrane and Cork’s Meg Ryan to make the final team selection. These 6 gymnasts competed fantastically with PB’s across the board on various events successfully returning home with the bronze medal behind the leaders Wales, and in second place – Scotland. This years Minors squad exceeded all previous Irish teams improving the overall team score by a massive 12 marks!! An exciting future ahead awaits these gymnasts to say to least!!
On the juniors Team was Galway girl’s Sarah Hynes and Emer Shimizu joining Belfast international gymnast Casey Bell, Dublin’s Taylor Coyle, Mayo gymnast Li LIng Martin and stepping in at the last moment due to a withdrawal was Niamh Hutchinson from Dublin. Another very exciting competition to watch as Team Ireland put Scotland under some serious pressure during the last 2 rotations, however on this occasion despite some truly outstanding performances it was the bronze medal that the Juniors also proudly returned to Ireland wearing. The Irish Juniors also making significant progress for the Nation increasing this years team score by over 9 full marks.
Super weekend gymnasts, great result and good luck in the upcoming International Flanders Team Challenge which all of these Galway gymnasts will compete within once again representing Team Ireland over the weekend of May 31st – in Ghent, Belgium.

Celtic Cup Results and Photos!

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Renmore Gymnastics made history this month when four of its members were selected for International competition to represent Ireland at the 2013 Celtic Cup Championships in The Isle of Man on the 11th of May.

All selected gymnasts represented Ireland in the Minors Category across both the women’s and men’s teams. The Irish WAG Minors competed with great focus and determination resulting in some of the strongest Irish women’s artistic performances to date for this event. PBs were achieved for many of the girls across all apparatus and despite their young age the team looked strong and showed much future promise. Renmore Gymnastic’s Ellen Hynes and Old Bawn’s Shauna Kelly returned this year to the team bringing both experience and determination. Joining them on the Irish team for excellent debut performances were Sugarloaf’s Niamh Hutchinson, and Renmore gymnasts Emmeline Anghileri and Amy O’Neill. All team members competed very well, Emmeline placed 5th overall also achieving the second highest floor score of the competition and collectively the team counted just one fall throughout the competition. In the Men’s event Renmore Gymnastics’ Patrick Flanagan had a fantastic debut into International competition, hitting PB’s on the parallel bars, rings and floor exercise.
Last year Renmore Gymastics qualified their first gymnast into this event and to return this year with four members was a very proud moment for the club and evidence that their sporting strategic plans for developing both a high performance programme and athletes to match is having huge success. Well done to all and keep up the good work!!!